Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thank you for my loving life

Assalamualaikum and Hi peopleeeeee J

Lamanya tak singgah blog ni. O.M G I miss writing so much. Writing is one of my ways to express my feeling, I meant not to show off to you guys it is just writing makes me feel alright. 5 bulan kot since I left this blog. Yeah since Instagram has become a phenomenon we can just uploading photos on Instagram it is the easiest way to communicate with friends and familes rather than spend quite some time to write and post on blog.

Of course banyak benda nak ceritaaa. Since now is midnight with such a calm weather and nice environment I think I will write better hihi.

So here I am at my rumah sewa in Segambut. I have been living here with the owner (single mother) for 4 months since I started my internship. Ohh my internship went great and I love it so much. I met a lot of people and gained lot of experience. Time flies so fast. Yeah it really flies so fast!

Alhamdulillah I will be starting my career in the month Sept 2015. As what UEM Yayasan’s manager told me, I will be placed in one of UEM Group’s subsidiaries. They are UEM Edgenta (located in Bangsar), UEM Sunrise (located in Solaris Dutamas), Plus (located in Subang) and UEM Group (in KL Sentral). I hope I will get the best workplace that has best bosses and colleagues! Normally for fresh graduate like me they will put me around KL. For 3 years I will be undergoing job rotation which are related to my area of studies (Finance, Business Development, Marketing, etc). After 3 years of job rotation, I will choose the department that I fit best. Or if I find no interest in UEM anymore, I can leave and find another company (perhaps government sector) since my contract/bond with UEM has finished. Hihi. Okay okay let’s not think about leaving.. What I need to do now is to equip myself with basic professional skills as I am going to enter corporate world soon! Yeah!! J

Since I have finished my internship, now I am enjoying my 3 months of holiday. Being at home, makan, tidur, movies, okay okay I called them as enjoyment???!! I need to get my ass out of my bed and start to think about backpacking! Yeahh I should be on backpacking right now! But my other friends are still haven’t finished their internship yet. So I have to wait for them. Hmm please dear self you have to make this dream to happen! You have been planning it for such a looongg time..

And I have to spend my time with mum as well. Like a lot of my leisure time because I will not get this chance anymore when I am working soon. I need to utilize my holiday well.

To let you guys know, this upcoming 20th Nov 2015 I will turn 23. O.M.G tuanyaaaaaaaaa >,< yess yess patut laa mum selalu sangat tanya dah ada boyfriend ke belom? Hmm sorry mum your daughter is still single after break up 5 years ago. To let this story be more interesting and shiny, actually I do have a crush :P My heart says “hey go ask his phone number! His age suits yours well and let’s try if that kind of relationship (love) can happen” But as usual my brain is stronger than my heart and says “hey man should take the first step! You just have to be beautiful and kind and the best man will come” My bff also keep saying “kau ni jangan la memilih sangat.” Hmm okay girls I am not choosy okay I just still haven’t found yet a man that I can believe can sayang my mum like his own mother. I still haven’t… L  But yeahh looking at my high school’s friends that were married with caring husband and now having cute babies sometimes make me feel like I want to have that kind of life too.

I really hope every step that I am gonna take in my life will lead me to a better life. Ya Allah please guide me in every way. I need the strength, patience and easiness in every way so that mum and I can live happily with my future husband. Hehe J

#SYZhotchicks at College Annual Dinner, ABADI'15
Revolution of me in three years time

Kakaks of UEM Sunrise who have been loving and teaching me throughout my internship period

In front of the office. Awesome bare-hand sketching as background

So here is my story.. till we meet again. Holla! J

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Just My Thought


It has been awhile I did not post anything on this obsolete blog. I was kinda busy (hmm I was not busy actually I was just feeling lazy to write my life stories as I assumed I should keep it into my own secret)

But today, my mood is kinda different.

What to story eh? hmm

Currently I am in my second last semester before I will be graduating. Next week I have two final exams to be attended as they are my last two paper exams. Then I will proceed to the last semester (internship) of Bachelor in Business Administration majoring in International Business.

I am totally happy with my campus life. I appreciate it most. I think that this campus life has changed me a lot internally and externally. I learnt about friendship. How to give and take in this so called friendship. How to describe or study about other people behaviors and how to react to theirs so that I can tolerate with different kind of behaviors.

Of course, I also have fallen in love. I do not know whether to call it "Cinta Kampus" or whatsoever. Since my last serious relationship with a guy was about 3 1/2 years ago. Since then, I was kinda hard to express my feelings and I prefer to keep it as secret till I forgot about my feelings towards my crushes! Hahaa. Their names should be kept as secret as well (yes I have many crushes, unfortunately all of them did not know that I have had feelings for them in the past). This does not mean that I liked all of them at the same time. NO. The feelings always changed from time to time. That is why I call it "Cinta Kampus" because I am not sure this is a real love or cinta suka-suka.

The true here is, I am still waiting for him. For him who will be willing to be a part of my life in future. Who is gonna take care of my mum and me. Who is willing to guide me to my Creator. HIM. That I do not know yet who is he. But hey! Watch out cos I am waiting for you (my jodoh) every single time. lol.

This is another part of story. I always hope that some day I will achieve what I have been working for all this time. I hope that I have that strength to begin my new chapter of life. To be as a real worker in a real working world. That would be totally different. No playing around, I have to build a new relationship with new people. Somehow I think that is gonna be awesome! but somehow I think it would be scary. But I believe in mum's doa. As long as she is still alive and keep doa-ing for my best, I believe everything is gonna be alright. Justtt alllll right......

Every soul will face hardship. So do I. Therefore, I have no right to complaint to Allah. Thank you Ya Allah for everything You have given to me. Happiness, sadness, hardship, victory, everythingggg. I appreciate it a lot. I promise that I will keep fighting for my best and be a good human on earth that can facilitate other living things as well. Promise.

Side Note: Sometimes, we are confused about our own feelings. Are we sad? happy? angry? The best thing that we could do is stay calm, make some time for ourselves to think, appreciate what we have right now, do not envy to other people, and believe the right event will come to us when the time is right.