Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Study Tips - Just A Piece of Her Thought

The above is my closest friend's result 

Getting this kind of result is not impossible! This can be a reality for all of us! But for getting this, of course there will be terms and conditions that we must follow.

The followings are what she (my friend) wants us to realize and think about it deeply and soon change our bad attitudes toward study:

1. Build a good relationship with Allah, family, friends and lecturers

When we are always with Allah (or your belief), In Sya Allah everything goes smoothly. It's not about how many prayers you have done in a day, but how khusyuk (bow and feel inferior) your are in each of your Solat. My friend is also trying to upgrade her relationship with Allah and she will not stop until the end of the day

Be close to your friends and lecturers. Because you can share tips among your friends from the other sets and you can get tips from your lecturer on what would be questioned in the exam paper. Plus, make your lecturer as part of your counselor. They love to serve their students who are willing to make effort to get a good point in their subject. 

2. Love animals and other creatures 

My friend is an animal lover. Sometimes she would be so annoying because the way she loves her pets is too much (in our point of view). She does not like buying breed pets. She loves feeding stray animals on the street and try to help the needy as much as she can. During the exam season, before she go to the exam hall, she will feed her pets and stroke her cats and say "Behave during my absence. And do not forget to pray for my exam! Bye dearest!" Each one of the cat she will do the same thing. Based on what she told me, she felt calmness in the exam hall and can answer the questions with a calm heart. Cool huh? 

3. Study Smart and Study Hard

In study, there are some tips/ways to memorize only the important lessons. We are not computer or robot to memorize ALL the facts or formulas. We are human with brain. So study with brain. Study smart is what I am talking about. It means to study in a way that suited you. Identify your best study approach! Each person has a different approach of studying. Some people can maximize their knowledge gained by study alone but some people must study in a group. So find your approach.

My friend also said there is no way to get a good result without study hard. In certain tough subjects/courses, we have to study hard. Eg: Finance. We have to do a lot of exercises in order to understand the concept. Calculation is not about memorizing, it is about the understanding. So, we have to work hard to do as many exercises that we can in order to get the idea. 

4. Consistency 

We have to be consistent in our study from the beginning of our semester untill the end of exam paper. To get a good result, is not based on how we have worked hard during the study week. It is based on what we have consumed through out the whole semester in class, project papers, assignment, presentation etc. 

5. Do not be dependent, Be independent. 

My friend said there are too many university students who love to be in their same kind of group. They prefer their own tribe! This is not cool. You have to practice yourself to mix around with other races. This is for your own good sake. When you are always in a comfort zone, you will always lost. 

For international subject, ie: International Finance. Do not angry if your lecturer tends to mix you (local students) up with international/exchange students (from various of countries). This is so COOL! My friend has had experience to be in the same class with students from various countries such as China, Netherlands, Rusia, etc. Of course there would be some problems in term of languages but who cares?? We are not in English class right? Every event that happens has reason behind it. Now, her communication and confidence level has gone up and she gained many friends from oversea! In fact, she was studying with them during the study week before the exam. Cool huh?! 


  1. Thank very usefull tips for upcoming semester

  2. tq for the tips.. i will try to get the best like u.. tq friends..


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