Wednesday, August 27, 2014


When I am alone, I would be thinking about everything
sometimes, for unimportant matter that I shouldn't be thinking of
but, I couldn't restrain myself to not over think
and this makes me sick and sad

I am still in my track of life 
still far away from the finish line
lots of ambiguous in front of me
I am scared if I couldn't reach the finish line with victory as I wanted

I prefer to be busy
so that I can diminish sad things that are whirling in my head 
I have lots of sad secrets to tell
tell them to my own self
because I prefer that way

In life, I am trying to be cheerful girl as much as I can
am I still a girl? Woman maybe, since I am going to reach 21 in this upcoming November
I want people around me love accompanying me every second, every minute 
so that I will not feel lonely

Because when I am lonely
I will over think
then I will be crying accidentally. 


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