Friday, May 30, 2014

Would You Marry Me?

This post I wanna talk about wedding.

Oh btw Assalamualaikum ya habibi ya maulana
Last weekend I was attending my cousin's wedding at Bangi Gold Club. Actually I was not helping much for the wedding (actually I was doin' nothing!). Bridal and groom such a very good-looking couple. They have met each other at their workplace, the starting point of their love story. hihii

My cousin is 25 years old get married with a man 29 years old. So good isn't it? Not too young and not too old.
For one glance, the groom looks like our Malaysian actor, Ako Mustapha kan kan? hehee. Everything is just so simple, nice and beautiful.

On that day, I was overexciting and my other cousins and I were camwhoring like crazyhhhh! I haven't been doing this for such a long time. But, actually sometimes we need to try ourselves to be young again hehe

Right after the wedding ceremony, we were visiting auntie's for family gathering. That was such a good memory of us because we had so much fun! The whole house echoed with our laughter hahahahaha.

We reminisce about the old stories of our family. How hard were/are we to build the best living life. I am so proud of my auntie because she is such a strong woman like my mother who is sacrificing almost everything in order to get a better education and knowledge and now all her unstoppable effort is worth it. I will take a really good care of your advice auntie :')


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