Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Mother


I feel like wanna write on this blog again. Lately, I have so many things I would like to share with you guys. Blogging is like a therapy for me. when we express something which is good or bad, it can help to build our mood or prevent us to be stressed persons.

I wanna share with the world that I have the most amazing mom on this earth! In 1993, my mom gave birth to me when she was 40. I can say her life during that time was like Rozita Che Wan's currently life as Che Ta is going to give birth to Zain's eldest son. hahaha

Giving birth during our 40's is not recommended by doctor. I am actually thinking what was my mom's feeling when it was her first time to give birth at her 40's ? Didn't doctor say anything about the risks? Lucky mum was such a strong person. She gave birth to me and now I am writing this to you guys.

Now you are calculating what's my mom's age, right? Hahaaa. That's what I am afraid about. I am going to turn into 21 on this upcoming November. 21 is a good number. People say it's the peak of life of individual. Whatever crazy things you wanna try, do it during this age. I agree. hahaha. But how about my mom? She is going to add up one more number in her age.

Actually I want my mom have a long life span. I want her to see me getting married with a man that can loves me and mom infinitely. I want her to see husband and me having our own children. So she can hug my children with her own hands, she can play with her grandchildren, etc hahahaha

Everything I do now I will think about mom first. I regret of my wrong doings toward mom when I was teenager. I always put her under stress, she cried because of me, she yelled at me till she got fever but I don't care because I wanna have fun with my friends.

Alhamdulillah Allah is still giving me chance to see mom again to let me do anything that I can, to give mom happiness again. Mom is such a strong woman yaw! She is still loving her own child after I have done a lot of wrong doings to her. But she loves me till now.

What I want to pinpoint here is I wanna graduate quickly, get my first job quickly, and give her my hasil titik peluh. Allah please always remind me of  this vow when the time comes.

I wanna get married with a man who is willing to take care of mom even after we get married. I mean I want mom to stay with us. I am so afraid to get married cos my heaven will not be with mom but my husband. So I must get a good husband so that I can still give loves to mom without hurting her heart at the same time to my husband too.

I want you to be proud of me mom. everything I do now is because of you. Study hard, shuttle from campus to home. Sometimes I am a bit tired. With assignments, projects, events and study time that I barely get enough time. It is okay. The more I active, the more fat I can burn! hahahahaha

My present for you for Mother's Day. The Best Academic Achievement Year 2 for faculty and college.

This is the best present I could give you. Or you have to wait for my next allowances to get you physical present! hahaha

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