Sunday, April 13, 2014

I am back!

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Oh my god my fingers are keep running on my keyboard to make this post now as I am  missing so much my old memories! and this blog! like seriously I didn't update my blog for ages! That is why recently I felt I have lost a part of mine. I don't have place (other than friends) to express my feelings so that I can feel a little depression.

Lots of events in my life that I have been through. yeah of course there are sweet, bitter and spicy memories. Some I have forgotten but some that are quite important I still remember them.

Plus, I have gained so much weight!! Seriously!! I don't know how this could happen but yes I am so fat right now (even my relatives said so). Please I wanna get my own trainer but I don't have money to hire the trainer and my life is so busy with study and college stuffs! oh my oh my!

Talking about study, I can say I am satisfied with my previous semester's result. My GPA was 3.97 so means my CGPA right now is 3.90. ALHAMDULILLAH. So, for this semester I should work harder and smarter to keep it at the best place! But, I can feel this time is quite tough for me to score in this semester because I have joined many programs and my project assignments are not in the right track ( I don't do it according to the Gant Chart of the project paper) *sigh

and also I am a bit worried for my college's upcoming annual dinner! because I still don't have a good nice and pretty dress for that night and my weight is extremely bad!! This annual dinner is the second last annual college dinner that I could have attend because my study period before completing my degree has only 1 year left. hmm

Go beach-ing with buddies for mind treatment. my weight is still okay at this time.


current chubby face. double-chin-soon-to-be-triple bebeh!!!

Ok bye! :)
See ya soon readers! :)

P/s : Now I am searching for the best daily menu diet for myself! #30DaysChallenges

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