Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hard and Fun Moment


Cross-cultural class was delayed until 11:30. Therefore, I take this opportunity to update my blog. Ada seorang abang perli blog ni dah bersarang-sarang kesian dia kena bersihkan. Hahaaa

Last few weeks, Aminians Sniper Photography (photography club in my college) had an outing with members in Putrajaya. The main motive is to strengthen bond between members plus enjoy the events. I am not one of Aminians members yet they invited me to come along. How sweet...

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon was really awesome! I can see and observe how they (workers) are working together to make those hot air balloons fly up in the air! Too much fuel (i do not know what is the name of it) are needed to make it happen. Seriously it was pretty awesome for me since I haven't watched the real big big hot air balloons before. hahaaa

Second motive of this outing is to enhance photography skills of Aminians members. I was persuaded to become one of their model. omg! I was having an awkward moment when one of photographer pushed me to do this pose that pose. aiyaaaaaaa so hard.

Then, these are the outputs..

Thanks for giving me this opportunity eventhough I didn't do my job (as model uwekk!!) nicely. Seriously I feel I like a statue that having a photoshoot session because I am very shy shy cat laaaa!! ahahaha

From previous post, I have stated that I have gained so much much weight! now you can see by yourself and estimate how much is my weight now. *sigh

#30DaysChallenge #EatClean&Healthy

Kbye! :D

photos credit to AY Pictures Photography

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I am back!

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Oh my god my fingers are keep running on my keyboard to make this post now as I am  missing so much my old memories! and this blog! like seriously I didn't update my blog for ages! That is why recently I felt I have lost a part of mine. I don't have place (other than friends) to express my feelings so that I can feel a little depression.

Lots of events in my life that I have been through. yeah of course there are sweet, bitter and spicy memories. Some I have forgotten but some that are quite important I still remember them.

Plus, I have gained so much weight!! Seriously!! I don't know how this could happen but yes I am so fat right now (even my relatives said so). Please I wanna get my own trainer but I don't have money to hire the trainer and my life is so busy with study and college stuffs! oh my oh my!

Talking about study, I can say I am satisfied with my previous semester's result. My GPA was 3.97 so means my CGPA right now is 3.90. ALHAMDULILLAH. So, for this semester I should work harder and smarter to keep it at the best place! But, I can feel this time is quite tough for me to score in this semester because I have joined many programs and my project assignments are not in the right track ( I don't do it according to the Gant Chart of the project paper) *sigh

and also I am a bit worried for my college's upcoming annual dinner! because I still don't have a good nice and pretty dress for that night and my weight is extremely bad!! This annual dinner is the second last annual college dinner that I could have attend because my study period before completing my degree has only 1 year left. hmm

Go beach-ing with buddies for mind treatment. my weight is still okay at this time.


current chubby face. double-chin-soon-to-be-triple bebeh!!!

Ok bye! :)
See ya soon readers! :)

P/s : Now I am searching for the best daily menu diet for myself! #30DaysChallenges