Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fanatic Lover of Animals

I love animals so so so much. I can say that I can become more vulnerable when I'm facing tragedic event related to animals rather than human being. Or I can say I am willing to share 2/3 of my meal to animals than to humans. Cruel eh? What can I doooo? My heart is already be like this I don't demand this.

Once upon a time, I cried for the whole of the day just because I was not able to send my dying old cat to veterinarian and I would be even more sad if my cats died because of my mistakes.

Mom always said "People who love flowers and animals more than human are getting married later that people who don't" 

I said "Cannot trust la. It is just a speculation. Based on people experience. Everyone has different experience" 

Mom replied "I have one friend who is just LIKE you. She loved flower too much and don't bother about man things"

krikkkk krikkk krikkkk

Mom said again "Do you have a boyfriend now?"

I said " Nooo.. Nobody wants me. I know one guy that I really like a lot but he doesn't even know that I like him too much"

Mom "Then you should take a first step. Approach him. Be a first mover"

Mommmmmmmm!!!! Maluuuuuuuuuu perigi cari timbaaaaa....

Frankly speaking, I can say that my life is a bit lonely. My time is only being fulfilled by assignments, projects, study-related stuff. I don't have time to flirt. hehehehehe. But, I can admit that when I have such a long leisure time (semester break) I can feel that my life is empty. lol!

OR maybe guys are scared to approach me because saya merupakan seorang yang sangat particular dan garang (tapi bertempat). Job first, love second. When I am writing this, I can imagine who I would become one day. Such a workaholic woman and left husband at home with children and children love husband more than me. Hahahahaha.

Okaylah. Thank for reading! :) xoxo

p/s Ohhh ya!! how come I can write about husband and children? our main topic here is about ANIMAL LOVER, right? Goshh -,- hahahahaa

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