Friday, November 22, 2013


Tonight I am in a good mood to make a new post here. Actually I have so many problems in college. Lots of assignments, college's activities etc. Mom called me just know and I told her I can't go back home this weekend and I cried! Seriously with study pressure I feel like I can't stand with this pressure anymore.

So, I come out with this post cos I think this may relieve myself even for just a bit.

Actually I really miss my first year time being a degree student. You know ahh, we don't feel too much pressure like this current one. Friends and I had so much fun. We went everywhere to enjoy campus life. For the whole night we were lepak-ing together driving to Selat Melaka, then to Port Dickson and we were just going back to UKM in the early morning. Tu pun sebab pagi tu ada kelas! hahaha! BUT now, when we have entered our core major, everyone is separated according to their core majors. Niza with Economics, Shida with Accounting, and me with International Business. Even we don't have time to go lunch together like before. I am really sad.

With a new condition and environment, I have to make a new friends again with my coursemates. Alhamdulillah everything is going good but the 'maximation of enjoyful moment HU HA HU HA' isn't there. I also think that my pointer in this semester will drop again because I didn't enjoy every class that I attended.

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