Saturday, November 09, 2013

Mr. Arrogant Vs Dr. House

I have been busy with college stuffs and have no more time to enjoy as my final examination is just around the corner. I try so hard to not watch TV. yes I did!

But I watch haha! Because of this, my work did not went so well. I have recently just finished all the 26 episodes of LYMA at tonton. Semalam baru habis (a lil bit late). The worst thing is I keep thinking and imagining LYMA in my head. aiyaaaaaa! It does not want to go away from me laaaaaa...

I started watching Akasia at TV3 since Cinta Jannah. Actually I am not really into Malay drama but since I have read its novel that is a reason of why I watch it. Now I have a problem of getting rid of it so that I can do my work smoothly. 

Macam mana nak buat kerja if asyik teringat nak dapat suami macam Mr. Arrogant je kan??!!! Guys, do you think I am annoying? hahaa don't care. 

Current Mood: try to finish all the 8 seasons of House TV Show. I love Dr. Gregory House. hehe 

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