Monday, November 11, 2013

Are Our Students Marketable?

Today's world there is too many educational institutions that provide education to us but job opportunity out there is shrinking! During the 80's government and private sector can provide a plenty of jobs to fresh graduates even students can choose which jobs that they want. But now, students have no choice and in many cases they got jobs which are not related to their field of study.

I feel sorry to PTPTN borrowers because they have to make a long-term loan in order to get a piece of knowledge without being guarantee they will get job after graduation. I heard one sad story of one PTPTN borrower. He had to sell burgers at the roadside in order to pay his PTPTN's principal together with interest.

In Malaysia, we have 100,000 unemployed graduates!! The government has increased the retirement age for public workers from 58 y/o to 60 y/o!! You just imagine that!

Cost of living is always becoming higher and higher. Salary range for fresh degree graduates is around RM 2,600 - RM 3,000. If you're working in rural areas might be okay but if you're working in KL areas?

20 years back, many employers from government and private sectors were demanding for employees because during that time economy in Malaysia is developing rapidly so employers need more workers. But now, many workers are demanding for jobs but there is only a small vacancy for them! Therefore, employers will filter as much as they can in order for them to get just the right and outstanding employee to work with them. Competition among graduates will be getting stronger. Not just from locals but from overseas graduates. and PLEASE remember, exam result is not everything. 

Thinking about this makes me become afraid.

That is why government has created one alternative for Malaysian citizens to overcome this big problem. It is called SOCIAL BUSINESS FUND. This is where possible entrepreneurs will be financed with this fund in order for them to open a new social business.

In this current market place, there is no more place for us to be hired (in certain places). We have to change our mindset WE SHOULD HIRING PEOPLE. We should be job creator in order to expand employment opportunity and develop ourselves and country and enhance our standard of living. Don't ya think so?

Fokus belaajr ni huhuu. poyo poyo poyo macam poyo jerkkk!

That's all I want to say. Thank you for reading. Bye :)
(eh habis dah?? tak perasaan tetibe jer dah masuk part ending) 

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