Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Skin Care

Once upon a time, I had serious pimple problem. My face had so many small and big acnes and both of my eyes were surrounded by dark circles.

I have tried many different brands of facial care products but all to no avail. Even my face is getting worse! Maybe those products are not suit my skin face especially Skin & Lovely. 

So, I think is it the time for me to buy a set of facial product that really effective for my face. I want to gain my confidence back while meeting people, talking face-to-face with a bit closer etc 

So, I went to CLINIQUE's store at KLCC

First, I was warmly welcomed by the seller. 
Second, she asked with a smiling face about my problems
Third, we checked my face problem using the iPad on the table and  finally a piece of paper came out that show my face's condition and list of suitable products for my face. 

My skin type is 3-Oily. Different skin types are actually for different clarifying lotion. That's why we have to check first our skin type before buying any products. 

Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap 
cleans without drying and leaves skin refreshed and ready for the day or night ahead!

Clinique's Clarifying Lotion 3 
whisks away pore-clogging oil and flakes to reveal a clearer complexion. It helps control excess oil to minimize breakouts and keep skin feeling clean. I use this because my skin type is Type 3 means Oily 
p/s Type 4 - Too Oily

As what I wrote before, I have a serious dark circle problem around my eyes. It is because I always sleep at the late hours like now (it is already 4:30 am).

So, I add up two more products for the eyes only.

Clinique's Dark Circle Corrector
I can see dark circles around my eyes has faded away but not all. I think I have to use it more frequently and of course the way I apply it on my eyes is very important.  

Clinique's all about eyes rich (free gift)
I only apply this only after I have applied Clinique's Dark Circle Corrector. 

Clinique's Moisturizing Gel
I have oily, sensitive acne skin and though my skin is oily, it does get dry depending on the weather. Therefor, this gel is formulated for oily skin types. It is moisturizing and providing all day/night hydration. 

Clinique's Moisture Surge (free gift)
I love this! I can feel that it is working effectively on my skin. It also not sticky and keep my face moist for such a long hours!

I am satisfied with my current face's condition except for the eye part. I know it is quite hard to remove dark circles that actually already around my eyes for years! 

This is my first time taking so much care of skin face and I hope it's worth it! =)

p/s I have been using this brand for almost 8 months. If you want the effective solution for your skin problem, do not hesitate to buy the product that you think is the most suitable for you. Actually it not a waste of money. One set of this brand (facial soap, clarifying lotion, moisturizing gel) = RM 233 can last up to 5 months. Use it twice a day. 

5 months = RM 233
1 month = RM 46.60
1 day = RM 1.55333333
every use : RM 0.777

Friday, November 22, 2013


Tonight I am in a good mood to make a new post here. Actually I have so many problems in college. Lots of assignments, college's activities etc. Mom called me just know and I told her I can't go back home this weekend and I cried! Seriously with study pressure I feel like I can't stand with this pressure anymore.

So, I come out with this post cos I think this may relieve myself even for just a bit.

Actually I really miss my first year time being a degree student. You know ahh, we don't feel too much pressure like this current one. Friends and I had so much fun. We went everywhere to enjoy campus life. For the whole night we were lepak-ing together driving to Selat Melaka, then to Port Dickson and we were just going back to UKM in the early morning. Tu pun sebab pagi tu ada kelas! hahaha! BUT now, when we have entered our core major, everyone is separated according to their core majors. Niza with Economics, Shida with Accounting, and me with International Business. Even we don't have time to go lunch together like before. I am really sad.

With a new condition and environment, I have to make a new friends again with my coursemates. Alhamdulillah everything is going good but the 'maximation of enjoyful moment HU HA HU HA' isn't there. I also think that my pointer in this semester will drop again because I didn't enjoy every class that I attended.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Birthday Girls

Masa : 2400
Tempat : Bilik Tidur aku
Tarikh : 16/11/2013

Aku sedang dibuai mimpi. Indahnya mimpi ku. Aku mimpi aku dan Shah Rukh Khan sedang di dalam buruan polis kami bersama-sama menyelamatkan diri daripada menjadi tahanan.

tiba tiba...

"yunissss!! yunisss!!! laptop Niza hilang" kata Shida

siapa pulak yang kacau aku tidur ni...

"weh laptop Niza hilangg!" Shida terus berlalu pergi ke bilik Niza, bersebelahan dengan bilik ku..

Dengan wajah yang messy dan muka yang bertompok-tompok air liur (ni tipu) aku terus pergi ke bilik Niza.
Ada Zati, MJ, Shida dan Niza. Mereka sedang berbincang mengenai laptop
Tanpa perasaan, aku terus masuk bilik Niza dengan perjalanan ku yang terhuyung hayang baru lepas tidur.
Diorang tersengih-sengih tengok aku.

"Aku baru bangun tidur laa, penat exam tadi.. Shida kata laptop Niza hilang" kata ku kepada semua

"Wehhh mana laptop aku?" -Niza cakap dalam gelisah. jalan kiri dan kanan

"Cuba kau ingat betul-betul" -Zati

"Aku pergi bilik Amal tadi tapi tak kunci pintu aku, tapi aku pergi sekejap je. Yunis, kau ingat tak masa maghrib aku solat kat bilik kau, ingat tak? Masa tu takde apa. Tapi tadi aku masuk bilik laptop aku dah takde" - Niza dengan muka nak nangis + pucat.

"Yang peliknya charger laptop kau pencuri tu tak ambik pulak, beg laptop n laptop je dia ambik" - MJ

"Aku nak keluar bilik even pergi tandas pun bawak kunci bilik, ni pengajaran tuk kita semua." -Zati

"Sekarang ni aku tak tahu nak rasa apa, macam mimpi je laptop aku hilang. jap jap bagi aku masa feel" - Niza

Aku dah rasa syak sesuatu dah..
"Apesal laptop Niza je yang dia ambik, Ni haaa laptop MJ terbongkang taknak pulak dia ambik!" -kata ku

MJ terus peluk laptop dia...

"Nak tak kita tanya budak-budak aras ni?"- kata ku lagi..

"Ermmm boleh jugak" - Zati

Dalam hati aku, apesal diorang ni tak bertindak lagi ni.. macam layu je.. padahal laptop hilang tu! Assigments semua dalam laptop. nyawa tu...



Perghhhh!! Aku and MJ dah terjerit-jerit.. Aku terus sembamkan muka ke bantal. MJ dah terpekik pekik.. hahahahha.. lama jugak laaa suasana terpekik disusuli dengan gelak ketawa kami semua... Kurang ajar diorang kenakan aku!!

"Ehhh birthday aku lambat lagi laaa" kata ku

"Ingat memang nak buat minggu depan, tapi kalau tunggu minggu depan, lambat sangat pulak sebab birthday MJ dah lepasss" - Shida

hehehe. I lupa kita ada satu lagi birthday girll..

Aras ku jadi tersangat bising malam tadi.. Kami pun makan Kek Oreo dan KFC resipi ayam baru tu.. hehe
Rupanya KFC Felo Kak Izan yang sponsor. Wahhh siap Felo Kolej hadir birthday aku terharu.. hukhukhuk. Ni kali kedua kami semua satu aras makan tengah-tengah malam sambut birthday party. Siap ada budak first year datang wish birthday lagi uolls.. perghh perghhh...

Terima kasih semua, Sayang koranggg!!

Maaf gambar kami semua tak dapat diupload. Privacy la kata kan... hehe

Akibat: Aku tak dapat tidur sekarang dah pukul 3;39. Esok ada kelas pukul 9 pagi.. Semuanyaa birthday punya pasal la ni. hahahaa

Monday, November 11, 2013

Are Our Students Marketable?

Today's world there is too many educational institutions that provide education to us but job opportunity out there is shrinking! During the 80's government and private sector can provide a plenty of jobs to fresh graduates even students can choose which jobs that they want. But now, students have no choice and in many cases they got jobs which are not related to their field of study.

I feel sorry to PTPTN borrowers because they have to make a long-term loan in order to get a piece of knowledge without being guarantee they will get job after graduation. I heard one sad story of one PTPTN borrower. He had to sell burgers at the roadside in order to pay his PTPTN's principal together with interest.

In Malaysia, we have 100,000 unemployed graduates!! The government has increased the retirement age for public workers from 58 y/o to 60 y/o!! You just imagine that!

Cost of living is always becoming higher and higher. Salary range for fresh degree graduates is around RM 2,600 - RM 3,000. If you're working in rural areas might be okay but if you're working in KL areas?

20 years back, many employers from government and private sectors were demanding for employees because during that time economy in Malaysia is developing rapidly so employers need more workers. But now, many workers are demanding for jobs but there is only a small vacancy for them! Therefore, employers will filter as much as they can in order for them to get just the right and outstanding employee to work with them. Competition among graduates will be getting stronger. Not just from locals but from overseas graduates. and PLEASE remember, exam result is not everything. 

Thinking about this makes me become afraid.

That is why government has created one alternative for Malaysian citizens to overcome this big problem. It is called SOCIAL BUSINESS FUND. This is where possible entrepreneurs will be financed with this fund in order for them to open a new social business.

In this current market place, there is no more place for us to be hired (in certain places). We have to change our mindset WE SHOULD HIRING PEOPLE. We should be job creator in order to expand employment opportunity and develop ourselves and country and enhance our standard of living. Don't ya think so?

Fokus belaajr ni huhuu. poyo poyo poyo macam poyo jerkkk!

That's all I want to say. Thank you for reading. Bye :)
(eh habis dah?? tak perasaan tetibe jer dah masuk part ending) 

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Mr. Arrogant Vs Dr. House

I have been busy with college stuffs and have no more time to enjoy as my final examination is just around the corner. I try so hard to not watch TV. yes I did!

But I watch haha! Because of this, my work did not went so well. I have recently just finished all the 26 episodes of LYMA at tonton. Semalam baru habis (a lil bit late). The worst thing is I keep thinking and imagining LYMA in my head. aiyaaaaaa! It does not want to go away from me laaaaaa...

I started watching Akasia at TV3 since Cinta Jannah. Actually I am not really into Malay drama but since I have read its novel that is a reason of why I watch it. Now I have a problem of getting rid of it so that I can do my work smoothly. 

Macam mana nak buat kerja if asyik teringat nak dapat suami macam Mr. Arrogant je kan??!!! Guys, do you think I am annoying? hahaa don't care. 

Current Mood: try to finish all the 8 seasons of House TV Show. I love Dr. Gregory House. hehe