Monday, October 28, 2013

Please Do Not Look Down at Us

I don't understand why there is still have some lecturers/teachers with such immoral attitudes. They are working at local university but at the meantime they insult education system of Malaysia. Why do not they send a complaint letter about education system in Malaysia to the Ministry of Education instead of keep complaining non-stop to their students. 

The worst thing that I can't accept is they(some lecturers) keep comparing local students and oversea students. Oversea graduates are more responsible, independent, intelligent etc. Yes I agree if you make a little comparison between us in order to motivate us, make us (local) realize how lower our level are but if you keep comparing and comparing and comparing in every class we entered, everyone will be annoyed.  

In fact, I have many friends who are still pursuing their studies oversea but they did not act like you(lecturers who keep comparing). They are just nice and sweet like sugar and treat us like we are at the similar level. One of them is from Cambridge University. 

I am aware there is still many of us (local students especially in my uni) that think they are in the comfort zone and didn't think much whether they are marketable or not marketable at the real workplace. Sometimes, they are too busy with uni's activities until they are forgetting their main purpose of being as a student. But I just can help them by giving advice and the rest is up to them. 

But I really hope that lecturers understand our feelings to be local graduates. Not all of us are the same, some of us did not get an opportunity to study abroad even we have tried will all our efforts. The most important one is not all oversea graduates are better than local graduates. If you're not satisfied with our education system, just write a letter and send it directly to the authorities. Do not bash us because we are in Malaysia's education system! 

Thank you.  

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