Thursday, October 10, 2013

Part I

In life, there is many problems that we have to overcome. Sometimes, I considered myself as the most vulnerable person on earth. I am not strong enough to face my big problem alone. In the middle of night, when everybody has started to enjoy their sweet dreams, I started to cry thinking of my endless problem. I never shout to get rid of stress. Maybe I should give myself a shout so that I feel relieved :) 

Sometimes, I wanted to be someone else who has got no problem only great-happy life. But soon I realize that there's no perfect life on earth. Everyone has a problem. I didn't realize the all past problems that I have faced strongly. So, for this one big problem, of course I can handle it with big smile kan? hehe

So I must keep telling myself that there is another human being that got the bigger problem than me. From that point, I can be grateful of what He gave me. 

smile and smile and smile =)

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