Sunday, October 27, 2013

Macam Cantik Je, Macam Cantik Je...

I'm laughing my fucking ass out when I watch the video "Macam Cantik Je, Macam Cantik Je". Well I am not really kind enough for not laughing at thing that is too hilarious! Forgive me. I try to not laugh yet it still happened. Hehehe. 

Thanks to that girl, Shasha because she already made my day. My day is quite boring recently and I need a lil bit fun. Thanks to Shasha again! :) 

I think the video of Shasha is much more entertaining than Alang Beez's video. His video is totally annoying but shasha's is only 50% annoying and 50% funny. 


  1. ada fb syasya nie x? he made my day too.. haahha.. i know its gurau.. but bnyk ppl dah benci plak kat dia.. kesian dia kena buat video minx maaf plak ..

    1. Tak ada fb Syasya. yes feel pity for her. vid dia yang minta maaf pun macam quite funny gak sebab dia campur slang kedah, terengganu and kelantan and and Siam! hahaa

  2. halamak vulgar... hehe

  3. Rupanya ayat Macam Cantik Je, Macam Cantik Je berasal dari gadis ni..


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