Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gaining Weight

Assalamualaikum and Hello people!

How was your day? Is it great like me? Yeahh my life has been so "great" lately till I have gained so much weight. I really have gained weight so much!! I can't imagine if the number on weigher turns to that number! SCARY

For you (boys/men) would be irritated kan? hahaha. Girls always talking and concerning about weight. Of course la for men jugak. If we do not have the perfect body curve you will make complaints. Our situation is similar with those guys who want sic packs. They have to work hard in gym, put more dicipline in eating.

But, I FAILED to reduce my lemak-lemak. ALWAYS A FAILER. ciss. The "best" thing is when I went for Raya  to enjoy some fun and foods but then my auntie/uncle/cousin sayyyyyy 'Gemoookkknyerrrrr kauuuu' Shit man I lost my appetite to have my foods and me turn to dark mood thinking of how to lose weight I should start jogging padahal today is Hari Raya.

So, I started again a new mission to lose some weight.

1) I brought a weigher that I bought in Watson to my college. (my mom could scold me because of that reallyyyyy!!)
2) I was jogging about 20 minutes today
3) I didn't take my breakfast. Only Brunch and Dinner at the early time only at a minimum quantity. ( I knoww I knowww this is not a healthy diet! I wish in this college we have some fresh fruits not only cafes that only serve ayam ayam ayam!!)
4) *still thinking*

I wish I have a partner who can always control the cronology of my diet ( chronolgy???) 
Yeahh I have one Pakcik (I called him in that way instead of Hazimin) He always remind me I have to control my diet even he put my name as "Cik Kembang" as his contact number's name!!!!!! 

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