Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Job Interview Experience

Today coursemates and I went for a job interview evaluation. It was not a real job interview, lecturer from the other set was our interviewer. We have been tortured for about 8 weeks by our beloved Madam Chia. The purpose she was doing that because she wanted us to realize about nowadays competitive market. Many graduates still failed to look for a job even though they have graduated a long time ago. I think she should be teaching like this way to the future students because we were so afraid of her. In fact, we didn't have an enough courage to ask her to postpone English class which was in Raya Haji's week to the following week. Yet still I wasn't attended her class even the class was on haha. Ohh yeahh she was so angry on the next class. hahaha

I'm grateful because the interviewer was quite kind (for me). Start from the moment I entered the interview's room, she gave a smile at me and asked me to have a seat. The first question was "Tell me about yourself". I have prepared this kind of question before and she was impressed with my answer. 

The next question was "Why did you choose International Business as your major?" So, I told her about my passion about corporate world, I love to be working with business people, love meeting a new people, bla bla bla just to show her how much I am in love with business. 

Next, "How do you think about current working systems in Malaysia? Is it competitive with the international market?" Actually there was a long question but I forgot it. That kind of question was quite hard for me. Luckily, yesterday when I was about to sign in my email, on the left side on the website page there was a Dr. Mahathir's complaint about Malaysia. It was about corruption. So, I answered the interviewer that Malaysia's working system should have no corruption.. and I explained about corruption that still have in Malaysia's working systems..  but my voice was a lil bit shaky. *sigh

The tricky question was "If you say so, what should we do to eliminate corruption" Oh goshhhh, I was in silence for a quite long time. Then I remembered Dr Mahathir said corruption only can be eliminated if citizens put the nation's interest first before their own interest. It is actually come from our inner self. Ohh yeahhhh!! The interviewer seemed she was satisfied with my answer. 

The last question was "Why should we hire you? How you can contribute to this company" My answers were I have met all requirements that you need for this position, I have a good management skills, leadership skills, I also have completed my intership at you company so I already knew about the company's culture, the working systems of your company and I don't think there might be a problem for me to adapt with the working environment of the company in the future if you hire me. 

P/S Forget to mention, I'm applying for Administration Executive position at UEM Sunrise Berhad. UEM Sunrise  Berhad is a subsidiary of UEM Berhad. It is a construction and engineering company. 

I just hope that I could gain a good marks for this job interview evaluation. One burden has released. Yeah! Alhamdulillah. 

with le beloved friends!
Me, Enie, Teha <3

Monday, October 28, 2013

Please Do Not Look Down at Us

I don't understand why there is still have some lecturers/teachers with such immoral attitudes. They are working at local university but at the meantime they insult education system of Malaysia. Why do not they send a complaint letter about education system in Malaysia to the Ministry of Education instead of keep complaining non-stop to their students. 

The worst thing that I can't accept is they(some lecturers) keep comparing local students and oversea students. Oversea graduates are more responsible, independent, intelligent etc. Yes I agree if you make a little comparison between us in order to motivate us, make us (local) realize how lower our level are but if you keep comparing and comparing and comparing in every class we entered, everyone will be annoyed.  

In fact, I have many friends who are still pursuing their studies oversea but they did not act like you(lecturers who keep comparing). They are just nice and sweet like sugar and treat us like we are at the similar level. One of them is from Cambridge University. 

I am aware there is still many of us (local students especially in my uni) that think they are in the comfort zone and didn't think much whether they are marketable or not marketable at the real workplace. Sometimes, they are too busy with uni's activities until they are forgetting their main purpose of being as a student. But I just can help them by giving advice and the rest is up to them. 

But I really hope that lecturers understand our feelings to be local graduates. Not all of us are the same, some of us did not get an opportunity to study abroad even we have tried will all our efforts. The most important one is not all oversea graduates are better than local graduates. If you're not satisfied with our education system, just write a letter and send it directly to the authorities. Do not bash us because we are in Malaysia's education system! 

Thank you.  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Macam Cantik Je, Macam Cantik Je...

I'm laughing my fucking ass out when I watch the video "Macam Cantik Je, Macam Cantik Je". Well I am not really kind enough for not laughing at thing that is too hilarious! Forgive me. I try to not laugh yet it still happened. Hehehe. 

Thanks to that girl, Shasha because she already made my day. My day is quite boring recently and I need a lil bit fun. Thanks to Shasha again! :) 

I think the video of Shasha is much more entertaining than Alang Beez's video. His video is totally annoying but shasha's is only 50% annoying and 50% funny. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gaining Weight

Assalamualaikum and Hello people!

How was your day? Is it great like me? Yeahh my life has been so "great" lately till I have gained so much weight. I really have gained weight so much!! I can't imagine if the number on weigher turns to that number! SCARY

For you (boys/men) would be irritated kan? hahaha. Girls always talking and concerning about weight. Of course la for men jugak. If we do not have the perfect body curve you will make complaints. Our situation is similar with those guys who want sic packs. They have to work hard in gym, put more dicipline in eating.

But, I FAILED to reduce my lemak-lemak. ALWAYS A FAILER. ciss. The "best" thing is when I went for Raya  to enjoy some fun and foods but then my auntie/uncle/cousin sayyyyyy 'Gemoookkknyerrrrr kauuuu' Shit man I lost my appetite to have my foods and me turn to dark mood thinking of how to lose weight I should start jogging padahal today is Hari Raya.

So, I started again a new mission to lose some weight.

1) I brought a weigher that I bought in Watson to my college. (my mom could scold me because of that reallyyyyy!!)
2) I was jogging about 20 minutes today
3) I didn't take my breakfast. Only Brunch and Dinner at the early time only at a minimum quantity. ( I knoww I knowww this is not a healthy diet! I wish in this college we have some fresh fruits not only cafes that only serve ayam ayam ayam!!)
4) *still thinking*

I wish I have a partner who can always control the cronology of my diet ( chronolgy???) 
Yeahh I have one Pakcik (I called him in that way instead of Hazimin) He always remind me I have to control my diet even he put my name as "Cik Kembang" as his contact number's name!!!!!! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Part I

In life, there is many problems that we have to overcome. Sometimes, I considered myself as the most vulnerable person on earth. I am not strong enough to face my big problem alone. In the middle of night, when everybody has started to enjoy their sweet dreams, I started to cry thinking of my endless problem. I never shout to get rid of stress. Maybe I should give myself a shout so that I feel relieved :) 

Sometimes, I wanted to be someone else who has got no problem only great-happy life. But soon I realize that there's no perfect life on earth. Everyone has a problem. I didn't realize the all past problems that I have faced strongly. So, for this one big problem, of course I can handle it with big smile kan? hehe

So I must keep telling myself that there is another human being that got the bigger problem than me. From that point, I can be grateful of what He gave me. 

smile and smile and smile =)