Thursday, August 29, 2013

Long time no update and I expect no one will read this

First of all

tajuk tak boleh blahh kan hahahaha

I've just finished my first year as business student. Alhamdulillah. There's a lot of good and bad memories that had taught me to become a better person. To change from nothing to something, I need such a huge strength. 

Before, I used to hold other gender friend, I think it is just normal. I think it shows how strong our relationship is, but now I prefer to limit my promiscuity. But don't expect me to change from hair to toe, I need some more time. 

You wanna know who is she who has changed me? She had touched my heart to change and now, I found my life is going to be more peaceful and I enjoy it! =)

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  1. tell more about her; cause she seems to be an amazing person for being able to change someone :)


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