Thursday, August 29, 2013

Long time no update and I expect no one will read this

First of all

tajuk tak boleh blahh kan hahahaha

I've just finished my first year as business student. Alhamdulillah. There's a lot of good and bad memories that had taught me to become a better person. To change from nothing to something, I need such a huge strength. 

Before, I used to hold other gender friend, I think it is just normal. I think it shows how strong our relationship is, but now I prefer to limit my promiscuity. But don't expect me to change from hair to toe, I need some more time. 

You wanna know who is she who has changed me? She had touched my heart to change and now, I found my life is going to be more peaceful and I enjoy it! =)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Tryna be grateful

If you're currently reading this blog, you will be listening to instumental song Sound of Angel. This instrumental makes me calm. Whenever I feel stress, I will listen to this. As usual, now I'm listening to it. 

I used to think 'can i be like her? she's so pretty inside and outside. she's on her own way'. From that point i know i am not being grateful of what Allah has given to me. Thinking too much of being other person ( that we love to be most) can bring us insane. Sometimes it brings us down. Not good for our health. But, as modern girls living in technology era, we have instagram, twitter, facebook and whatsoever that allow us to upload those kind of things that make us always wanna be beautiful. By seeing others be beautiful, we also wanna follow their steps ( the way of dressing, make up, talking, walking ). You know THIS IS INSANE. 

I'm one of the victims of this insanity. I'm not grateful of what i have. I wanted more and more. But when we go back to our path (Allah's way), we will feel like we already have what we want. Healthy, Foods, Shelter, Family. Eventhough my family isn't completed, i am grateful because i know Allah has something for me in future. I'm very sure about it! Maybe one day i will get one happy-completed-big family untill i die. hahaha. who knows? 

Frankly, allowances that I get every 3 months isn't enough. RM 1 500 in three months. seriously! I often overspending my money. Before I get a scholarship, i have intention to give a little amount of my allowances to my mom. My mom asked it! hahaha. But i know she never use my money. she kept it for my future. but but but since I didn't manage to control my own money flow, i often ask money from mom pulak! terbalik dah! hurm.. So i'm thinking of doing small business to get side income. like other college girls do such as modelling. But of course am not!! hahaha. I mean other than modelling la. small business maybe? but what business? *thinking*