Thursday, July 04, 2013

Nak kawen nak kawen.

Hi everyone 
it has been such a long time I didn't write any on this blog
I keep signing in but only just to read others' posts
you guys got a lot of interesting topics to be shared!

Well let me talk a bit about my current news
I just finished final exam of second semester
it was totally tough!
my face got so many big pimples. great-grandparents punya pimples!
on the forehead, cheeks, chin, etc
both my eyes also were covered with critical eyebag
people from 500 meters away can see my eyebag, you know!!
my nose was covered with many blackheads and whiteheads. 

picture above was taken when I was having my study group in library

After final exam, my pimples keep coming out. it was continuously!
my face was always oily even I use facial clenser more often.
my confidence level became lower
and I persuaded my mom to buy a product to get my original natural skin face back

After three days of using the product that i had just bought
this is the result

my skin tone become a lil bit brighter
less black spots ( because of pimples) 
no more pimples are coming out
I have gained a lil weight too! hahaha. look at my double chin! arghhh shit man it ruins the whole picture

so the next step is to get an ideal weight within a month. 
only a few kgs should be reduced then I will get my ideal weight according to my height hehe

After that, boleh lah kawen! 
okay this is serious.
I am looking for a man with future-husband's criteria right now
and yet still didn't found any
but I am sure
when it is the time, Mr. Right will be found! hehe

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