Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Feel Peaceful

I just finished making a short video for my International Business course
our lecturer wanted us to present anything about IB
It is individual task and presentation must be within 5 mins
so I come out with a short video and maybe a litle bit talk about IB

wanna take a look? 
ala buruk laa. I am not so good in doing this stuff. noob! haahaa

My points in this video are I explain what IB is, a few big company names that run international business and Donald Trump, one of successful businessman in US. Then, I will talk about the needed criteria if you want to enter corporate world. Goreng-goreng sikit, rebus, buat gulai then habisla 5 mins! hehehe. 

I think I will be busy starting from tomorrow until I finish my shortsem. I only take 2 subjects during shortsem but there are many works/projects to be done! 
17 chapters in 7 weeks! crap..
can you imagine how I'm gonna survive for this 7 weeks? otak boleh jem tau! ni baru IB, belum lagi PMPI. 
Plus in this fasting month, I'm so not in studying mood. I can only focus on study at night when my tummy is filled. hahaha. But it is okay. chaaiyokkkkk!! chaiyokkkkk yunis! :D 

I have added one relaxing music for your ears, wahai readers. 
I hope y'all will loike it!
yay or nay? 
If nay, then turn it off okay :) 

see you in another post! :)
Bye <3 


  1. noob? ada sapa2 panggil saya ke hehe...

    btw nice vid. buat pakai software apa?

  2. @Prince of Noob

    hahaha sorry2 terpanggil pulak
    video biasa je guna movie maker



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