Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Miss You, Baby

 Hello human, you wanna play with me??

I used to talk to my cats
People might think that I am insane
but I don't care because I love of what I am doing
talking to cats, playing ball with them
the best part is when they fall asleep beside me after tired of playing with me

Don't you ever think that cats know what you're talking to them?
Some might consider this is "bullshit laa ade ke binatang boleh paham cakap manusia"

let me tell you something
based on my own experience

On one fine day, I was so sad. ( I can't remember bcos of what)
I cried so much like a heavy rain
but there were no one at home
just me and my male cat
 I need someone to talk
to be shared my story, so that I can feel relief
I cried so much you know!
Then my cat came to me
he sat on my lap, then he 'meowwww' at me
our eyes looked at each other at that time
my tears fall down continuosly 
then he 'meowww' again
I told him everything why I was crying, everything you know!
without thinking that he is just only a CAT!
after that, I hugged him and still keep on crying
Then he 'meow' again while looked at me
I think that he can feel my sadness
and he willing to accompany me at that time
I fall asleep
after I woke up, I saw he was still sleeping beside me

He is my best friend. 
Now, he's dead. 
His name is Panjang
cos he got such a long tail 

I also used to ask cats to pray for me so that I can do well in examination
same thing I do when I went for the scholarship interview a few months ago
I said "Baby, nanti awak doakan saya dapat scholarship tau, nanti bila saya ada duit banyak2, saya belikan awak makanan banyak2 biar awak gemuk, hehehe" 
Surprisingly, they will "meowwww" at me!

So now don't you think that they know what we're talking?
so you're not animal lover.



  1. mmg pelik kan bercakap dgn kucing!

  2. aku pun sker bila kucing tdo sblh aku. mcm ada pertalian rapat je. hehehe...

  3. @LelakiS

    kena selalu practice then tk rasa pelik dah tp cool. haha

  4. @aswadz

    pertalian rapat? maybe it assumes you as its father hehe


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