Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bachelor of Business Administration OR Bachelor of Accounting. I need help

In a few more weeks, I will be having final exam for Semester 2 
So, before we (first year students) proceed to the third semester, we have to choose our major
currently I'm doing Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) 
in BBA, we must choose one major from six majors provided by University
They are 
  1. Finance
  2. Financial Services & Risk Management
  3. Marketing
  4. Comparative Management
  5. Human Resources Management
  6. International Business
I am interested in Internationl Business and Finance. Since secondary school, I have an ambition to be an Accountant. B'cos I love dealing with money and making money.
After SPM, I get 8A 1B then I pursue study at Matriculation level taking Accountancy course. 
I graduated with pointer 4.0
To cut the story, I did not manage to pursue Bachelor of Accountancy at Universiti Malaya
I got my third choice 
it is Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
I'm a bit shocked with the result but now I'm happy and grateful to be one of UKM-ians. 

So now, the problem is I have to choose my major in Business Administration
change my program to Bachelor of Accountancy
I have to choose either one.
I got 3.94 for the first semester and I think I can get what I choose easily
cos the probability is high

I love business world or corporate world
I have an ambition to be the richest businesswoman as well hahahaha
But accountancy is a professional course and I think I have to grab it too!
But I cannot do two works in one time

Some say I should pursue Accountancy b'cos it is really needed in business
When there is a recession, accountant still can stay in a company compare to just "fillers" in company

But Other say if you want to start your business, then you must choose Business course.
You have to know how to run your company, manage your worker, making decision
But, my question is
If you're accountant, you still can build your firm as well, am I right?
 Same goes if you are a doctor, you still can build your own clinic. 

Another problem is
If I change my program from business to accountancy,
I have to make a request letter to my sponsor (UEM Berhad) 
If they approve, only then I can change to Accountancy

So now I really want advisor as many as I can
what should I choose?

  1. Stay in current program which is Bachelor of Business Administration and majoring in Finance/International Business. After I graduated, I still can get a job offered by sponsor. But it is 3 years contract. After 3 years, if the contract is continued, Alhamdulillah. But if I must get another job after 3 years, is there any vacancy related to my program??  i question you.. 
  2. Change program to Bachelor of Accuntancy. so of course majoring in accountancy and it is professional course. But I have to make a request letter to change program to my sponsor. And it is not sure whether they can accept b'cos they are now sponsoring many of accounting students from overseas and local. PLUS, nowadays, there is a lot of students pursuing accountancy, so I afraid if in the future there is strong competition between accountants to get job in future. 



  1. nak pelajar pure science dri sek men sampai matrikulasi...kalo sy nk sambung belajar ke bahagian business administration ni rasa2 sy boleh carry ke?sbb sy takde langsung basic akaun/ekonomi...etc...rasa2 kalau saya amik boleh carry ke walaupun sy bukan amik yg fully mcm degree account...

    1. Salam and sorry for the late reply =)

      In Sya Allah boleh jika awak lebih berusaha daripada kawan2 yang memang sedia ada daripada background business.

      Saya ada seorang kawan dari background pure science but after 2 semester tukar kepada jurusan business. She survived at last. Cuma effort awak kena lebih berganda daripada effort pelajar yang lain lah. But don't worry, as long as rajin bertanya, everything will be fine =)

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