Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Hope I Can Be A Good Muslimah One Day

In progress to be a better person in life
consists of so many challenges, influencers
that can bring you back to your old world
which is filled with inapropriate things that shouldn't be made by us

I'm thank to my friends here in college
because they can accept me for who am I 
I know one of causes of my physical changes is because of them
their motivations, advices, stories, experiences, etc
the other cause is because of my beloved father and mother

Last evening, we went to Hospital Serdang
visiting Shida's elder sister
Her sister had just given birth

comelnya awakk, gerammm...

You know, at the first sight I looked at the baby, 
I want to have a baby too. or maybe two
Kuasa Tuhan memberikan nyawa kepada seseorang

Me and Niza, one of my bestie here. She just wearing niqab and still in learning 
p/s I'm not married yet haha

Husnul with Niza, two of my besties

three of us

Ape ni Yunisss?

still doing it again. hahaha. Niza muka terima je ape aku buat

Aku sayang kau sesangat wehh

Gambar yang terhangat sekali... hahaha. tolong la Yunis.. 

Thanks for reading..
Esok exam Marketing, wish me luck! 


  1. subhanallah. you look more prettier in hijab. honestly! keep learning to a better dear. always supporting u :)

  2. @asrar

    thanks dear. im still learning. i hope i can overcome all the resistances ahead


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