Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Many things have changed me
dalaman dan luaran
susah nak cerita
kekadang hati ni sendiri pun tak tahu camne nak explain

But I'm happy cos I've met the best bestfriends in campus
Shida & Niza
my soul here
since I got no other soul hehe
they made my day everyday! 

Now I'm having a long journey towards the happiness of life 
or maybe afterlife
dalam journey tu, there's many challenges
terkadang daku sendiri pun jadi depress
ye la, nak mengubah benda yang habit tu susah
aku ni bukan kuat sangat pun
selalu sangat terpengaruh

But as I said before
I got my bestfriends
they strength me up
with  motivation, advice, etc
so I will keep moving and moving till the end
but sorry if I fail

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