Saturday, March 02, 2013


L-me R-Nurain ( she's now studying electronic engineering )

Ain, if you're reading this now, I just want to let ya know that I will be your bestfriend forever. Kau nak cakap aku pelik ke sekarang? hahaha. I just don't know why so suddenly I'm thinking about you my dear. before, please now turn on Immortal song by Evanescene.

To my dear loyalty readers, thanks cos still visiting my blog even I rarely updating my blog. This is one of factors why my blog is still in the same rank. Plus I ain't so good in writing. hehehe

I just had an entrepreneurship program organized by my college. We supposed to sell as much as cookies that we can. 1 box comprised 48 packets of cookies. We are given 8 boxes! I have learned so much in this program. I need to convince people to buy my product, I have to build a thick wall on my face when being rejected mentah2. Lepas ni, kalau ada direct seller jual kerepek kat restoran cari pembeli saya akan beli. Ye dengar ye penjual sekalian carilah saya nanti. Sebab perasaan nak mencari duit even RM 1 tu sangat susah. I'm about to cry tau. Sangat penat, sakit kaki berjalan ber-jam, kena reject, buat muka tak malu approaching people who are not interested to listen , but in the end we succeeded!

I want to be an entrepreneur. A job creator. After joining this program, I think back "boleh ke aku? jual cookies kt tepi jalan pun dah nak nangis, ni pulak nak buka perniagaan sendiri"

All said I'm lucky, but they were wrong. I have my weakness too. I'm shy at the first meet. Usually people will halo me first. I also not so talkactive in first lepak with unkown ( friends's friends) . Sebab tu la I think I should not go into marketing major. Rasanya saya nak major in International Business. Eh tapi tu kan kena selalu berjumpa clients jugak? sampai bila nak malu kan? Orang bisnes kena ada perasaan tak tahu malu!

People will get me wrong when they don't know me well. They often think that I'm arrogant woman yang poyo perasan cantek! hahahaha. Like father like daughter. Yes ayah saya mukanya nampak garang bila tak senyum. Father I love you, xoxo. I will make you proud of me! <3

There is nothing else I can share. hilang idea dah hahaha. okay. bye. salam :)


  1. i use to be malu too,
    with the obvious physical condition which differ from others when i walk. i was pemalu!!
    but somehow i've overcome the feelings about 6 years ago...
    and now i can stand up and give speech spontaneously. not a good one. but still without the fluttering :D

    the three words that helped was...
    'ada aku kisah'...
    so just go ahead sis... sell those cookies, send one to me too yah :D

  2. @Pocket

    poket, please be honest.
    are you working at Mercu?

  3. no, i was just teasing u :D


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