Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Random Post

My life is currently fulfill by study stuffs. yeahh since my mid-term exam is just around the corner, I must do some preparations. its carry marks is almost 50% . So believe it or not I must strive to get the best result that I can.

But I do have one problem. MALAS. I enjoyed my weekend watching movie. MERLIN. oh my god! I love Merlin. Colin Morgan and Bradley James is just perfect acting together. I've copied all series from season 1 till season 5 from friends and now am currently in season 4. I have finished watching all 3 seasons in just 3 days by sacrificing my study time. haha

That's my life now. I got two handsome boyfriends. I have a date with 'em everyday. one is a prince and the other one is a sorcerer. you know who they are? of course you know hehe. Oh yeahh! I got three actually. It is Harry.

I just thought that I want to make this blog as a personal blog. a bit more private than before. So, I can write all things that popped out from my mind through this blog. Later I fikir how to make it work.

That is all. Have a good day ahead. salam! :)

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