Wednesday, February 27, 2013

UEM Scholarship Programme 2013

I am as a concerned (eh?) citizen, just want to share something special with you (especially student). United Engineers (Malaysia) Berhad has opened scholarship offer to those who want to pursue tertiary education overseas.

It will be including several top universities in the world such as Cambridge, Imperial College, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Melbourne, etc.

The closing date is on 7th April 2013. So, prepare yourself with vast and various knowledges and apply for it now! Good luck! :)

If I am not mistaken, scholarship programme for local students will be opened on this September 2013.


  1. yunis,sorry. just want to ask. its had been approve ke? is it official? i've check at the website. still not advertise yet.

  2. @asrar

    Maybe it will be starting dalam March. selalunya dibuka sebulan

    I ter-AWAL update ni. hehe :)

  3. kak yunis, i'm right now am trying to apply for this scholarship... and there's a section where you need to write about your reason n study plan.. do i need to be detailed about it n how do u tell them about ur reason for intended study.. any help woul be very useful for me right now... thanks :)

  4. @adliha

    SORRY for the late reply.
    no need to be too detail. but make sure all the 'hit' points are there. try arranging sentence that could amaze them. with ur knowledge, ur vision, and wht u wanna be in future.

    about reason? it comes from the deepest of ur heart. only u know why u wanna pursue ur study in that particular course.

    just be honest like what i did before.

    goodluck dear! :)


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