Friday, February 22, 2013

Heart Matter

We can't stop our feelings to love others, so do others. It is all about heart. We can't control our heart, dengan siapa kita nak suka, bercinta. but we can control our mind. kan best if we also can do the same thing to our heart. 

IF seseorang suka kita, tapi kita tak suka dia, SIAPA yang perlu dipersalahkan? He/She didn't ask to love us. A feeling is just come from his/her heart. Kalau kes lagi teruk apabila orang yang suka kita tu berpangkat tua dari kita, mungkin boleh dianggap pakcik, makcik or maybe atuk/nenek. IT IS HEART MATTER bro.. Umur semua tu tolak tepi.

Sometimes, kita sendiri pun tak tahu apa yang hati kita mahu, rasa, lalui. Kita get confused dengan perasaan hati kita sendiri. I've been through it many times. 


So what did I do? I just left all matters that related to heart, and prioritize my duty as student and daughter. But, everytime when I'm alone, I will start thinking about myself. my heart.

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