Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[PICTURE] My Life in 2013 - Flashback

Cara tulisan tajuk post pun dah macam professional blogger dah! haha

oh btw

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Now it is already around 4 a.m and yes I am still awake with my fresh eyes. I got a serious insomnia recently and I think it is getting worse! Please help me how to sleep early and wake up early so that I can arrange my time parallel with Malaysia's time. huh! *sigh

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah and Alhamdulillah ya Allah because you have given me such a wonderful life throughout this year (2013). Full of excitement, happiness, sadness, tears, tiredness, etc. 

This year is so special for me because this is my first year with fully hijab on my head. hehe! 

1. First day out with hijab

This picture was taken when my friends and I were visiting Shida's sister at the hospital because she has given a birth to a baby girl. Actually, that was my first time being covered outside and I can say I am happy with myself at that time. 

2. Second day out with hijab

This was the second time of me going out to a bit far away place with hijab. My friends and I went to Mid Valley. I still remember how happy I was at this time. We went out with Niza's friends and this is the first time of my life going out with guys with no physical contact with non mahram. I deeply in love at this time and I guess until now. 

3. Emceeing College Annual Dinner - ABADI 13

I was emceeing my college's annual dinner. That was such an awesome night of my life! I still can remember the cheers of crowd when I announced their secretriat's victory! fun fun fun! 

4. Scholarship Study Tour to Legoland, Nusajaya, Puteri Harbour, EduCity,  Johor 

Actually at my first expression when I received an email from uem that asked scholars to join study tour to Johor I am not so happy. Because most of my friends weren't able to come because of university's programs. Only left Suhaila, me and a few of us. But as stated in contract, I must go. we have gained a lot of fun and experience there. and it is also my second time of going to Johor since 2 years ago when I was at Matriculation. heheehe. miss Johor laa.

5. Third day out with hijab 
Niza and a few other friends including me went to Alamanda, Putrajaya for having fun. I can't recall what we have actually done hahaahaaa

6. Mini Reunion with Schoolmates aka Soulmates
Syaqira saz, Nurain Abd Rahman and Yunis Usman (me) and also Azreen (our beloved driver) went out to The Curve. I was so happy at this time. Actually three of us were so busy with our own responsibilities as students but finally we got a chance to meet up. Tons of stories to share. We recall our school memories back oh my god I wanna meet them again!!!  

7. Attending Syaqira's Open House 
I can meet Syaqira again this time. Heheee. This moment I asked Niza to accompany me to go to Gombak at Syaqira's. This was such a tiring day. We arrived UKM almost at the midnight. fuhhhhh! *lap peluh jatuh

8. Photoshoot Session with International Business students

In class, we have such a talented photographer. His name is Indra Islami and he is from Indonesia and currently is pursuing study at UKM and that's why he can become my classmate. hehee. We made a video for our beloved lecturer, Dr. Madeline Berma and we sang two of her favorite songs and made her cry. hehee. Boleh lah dapat A subjek dia. kah kah kah kah!!! haipp!! kitaorang buat semua tu ikhlas tau. 

Unconsciously, actually I have been through a lot of interesting events throughout 2013. Alhamdulillah. But not to forget sad memories that strengthens me up! 

This is the last day of 2013. Before I late, I wanna wish a Happy New Year to all of you. Have a great great day ahead! Don't be naughty. Always read my blog eventhough I barely update it hahaaa. 

Wish me luck in my final exam. I have been so busy. My eye bag is getting worse yeahh as I told before I got insomnia plus with mass consumption of time to study. *nangis.. 

Bye friends! xoxo 


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Maafkan Aku, Semua

Aku terlalu menginginkan apa yang aku mahukan
Sehingga aku mengabaikan perasaan orang di sekeliling aku
Mengabaikan perasaan aku sendiri

Hidup aku banyak mematangkan aku
Aku terlalu banyak menanggung bermacam perkara
Tapi Allah sentiasa bersama aku
Aku dapat menghadapinya satu per satu

Kadang-kadang hati aku menjerit
'Aku nak pergi dari semua ni'
Tapi aku biarkan saja hati aku
Aku kena lalui liku hidup aku
Aku kena merentasi segala cabaran dalam hidup ni

Aku terlalu pentingkan masa depan aku
Sehingga aku tiada masa dengan keluarga, bahkan dengan diri aku sendiri untuk merasai ketenangan
Aku hanya mampu menyimpannya dalam hati aku

Bagi aku 'inilah cabaran dalam kehidupan'
Aku perlu jadi matang
Aku perlu jadi lebih sabar
Aku perlu lebih menghargai hidup yang sedang aku lalui
Kerana masa tidak boleh diputarkan kembali

Maafkan aku, aku.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fanatic Lover of Animals

I love animals so so so much. I can say that I can become more vulnerable when I'm facing tragedic event related to animals rather than human being. Or I can say I am willing to share 2/3 of my meal to animals than to humans. Cruel eh? What can I doooo? My heart is already be like this I don't demand this.

Once upon a time, I cried for the whole of the day just because I was not able to send my dying old cat to veterinarian and I would be even more sad if my cats died because of my mistakes.

Mom always said "People who love flowers and animals more than human are getting married later that people who don't" 

I said "Cannot trust la. It is just a speculation. Based on people experience. Everyone has different experience" 

Mom replied "I have one friend who is just LIKE you. She loved flower too much and don't bother about man things"

krikkkk krikkk krikkkk

Mom said again "Do you have a boyfriend now?"

I said " Nooo.. Nobody wants me. I know one guy that I really like a lot but he doesn't even know that I like him too much"

Mom "Then you should take a first step. Approach him. Be a first mover"

Mommmmmmmm!!!! Maluuuuuuuuuu perigi cari timbaaaaa....

Frankly speaking, I can say that my life is a bit lonely. My time is only being fulfilled by assignments, projects, study-related stuff. I don't have time to flirt. hehehehehe. But, I can admit that when I have such a long leisure time (semester break) I can feel that my life is empty. lol!

OR maybe guys are scared to approach me because saya merupakan seorang yang sangat particular dan garang (tapi bertempat). Job first, love second. When I am writing this, I can imagine who I would become one day. Such a workaholic woman and left husband at home with children and children love husband more than me. Hahahahaha.

Okaylah. Thank for reading! :) xoxo

p/s Ohhh ya!! how come I can write about husband and children? our main topic here is about ANIMAL LOVER, right? Goshh -,- hahahahaa

Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Skin Care

Once upon a time, I had serious pimple problem. My face had so many small and big acnes and both of my eyes were surrounded by dark circles.

I have tried many different brands of facial care products but all to no avail. Even my face is getting worse! Maybe those products are not suit my skin face especially Skin & Lovely. 

So, I think is it the time for me to buy a set of facial product that really effective for my face. I want to gain my confidence back while meeting people, talking face-to-face with a bit closer etc 

So, I went to CLINIQUE's store at KLCC

First, I was warmly welcomed by the seller. 
Second, she asked with a smiling face about my problems
Third, we checked my face problem using the iPad on the table and  finally a piece of paper came out that show my face's condition and list of suitable products for my face. 

My skin type is 3-Oily. Different skin types are actually for different clarifying lotion. That's why we have to check first our skin type before buying any products. 

Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap 
cleans without drying and leaves skin refreshed and ready for the day or night ahead!

Clinique's Clarifying Lotion 3 
whisks away pore-clogging oil and flakes to reveal a clearer complexion. It helps control excess oil to minimize breakouts and keep skin feeling clean. I use this because my skin type is Type 3 means Oily 
p/s Type 4 - Too Oily

As what I wrote before, I have a serious dark circle problem around my eyes. It is because I always sleep at the late hours like now (it is already 4:30 am).

So, I add up two more products for the eyes only.

Clinique's Dark Circle Corrector
I can see dark circles around my eyes has faded away but not all. I think I have to use it more frequently and of course the way I apply it on my eyes is very important.  

Clinique's all about eyes rich (free gift)
I only apply this only after I have applied Clinique's Dark Circle Corrector. 

Clinique's Moisturizing Gel
I have oily, sensitive acne skin and though my skin is oily, it does get dry depending on the weather. Therefor, this gel is formulated for oily skin types. It is moisturizing and providing all day/night hydration. 

Clinique's Moisture Surge (free gift)
I love this! I can feel that it is working effectively on my skin. It also not sticky and keep my face moist for such a long hours!

I am satisfied with my current face's condition except for the eye part. I know it is quite hard to remove dark circles that actually already around my eyes for years! 

This is my first time taking so much care of skin face and I hope it's worth it! =)

p/s I have been using this brand for almost 8 months. If you want the effective solution for your skin problem, do not hesitate to buy the product that you think is the most suitable for you. Actually it not a waste of money. One set of this brand (facial soap, clarifying lotion, moisturizing gel) = RM 233 can last up to 5 months. Use it twice a day. 

5 months = RM 233
1 month = RM 46.60
1 day = RM 1.55333333
every use : RM 0.777

Friday, November 22, 2013


Tonight I am in a good mood to make a new post here. Actually I have so many problems in college. Lots of assignments, college's activities etc. Mom called me just know and I told her I can't go back home this weekend and I cried! Seriously with study pressure I feel like I can't stand with this pressure anymore.

So, I come out with this post cos I think this may relieve myself even for just a bit.

Actually I really miss my first year time being a degree student. You know ahh, we don't feel too much pressure like this current one. Friends and I had so much fun. We went everywhere to enjoy campus life. For the whole night we were lepak-ing together driving to Selat Melaka, then to Port Dickson and we were just going back to UKM in the early morning. Tu pun sebab pagi tu ada kelas! hahaha! BUT now, when we have entered our core major, everyone is separated according to their core majors. Niza with Economics, Shida with Accounting, and me with International Business. Even we don't have time to go lunch together like before. I am really sad.

With a new condition and environment, I have to make a new friends again with my coursemates. Alhamdulillah everything is going good but the 'maximation of enjoyful moment HU HA HU HA' isn't there. I also think that my pointer in this semester will drop again because I didn't enjoy every class that I attended.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Birthday Girls

Masa : 2400
Tempat : Bilik Tidur aku
Tarikh : 16/11/2013

Aku sedang dibuai mimpi. Indahnya mimpi ku. Aku mimpi aku dan Shah Rukh Khan sedang di dalam buruan polis kami bersama-sama menyelamatkan diri daripada menjadi tahanan.

tiba tiba...

"yunissss!! yunisss!!! laptop Niza hilang" kata Shida

siapa pulak yang kacau aku tidur ni...

"weh laptop Niza hilangg!" Shida terus berlalu pergi ke bilik Niza, bersebelahan dengan bilik ku..

Dengan wajah yang messy dan muka yang bertompok-tompok air liur (ni tipu) aku terus pergi ke bilik Niza.
Ada Zati, MJ, Shida dan Niza. Mereka sedang berbincang mengenai laptop
Tanpa perasaan, aku terus masuk bilik Niza dengan perjalanan ku yang terhuyung hayang baru lepas tidur.
Diorang tersengih-sengih tengok aku.

"Aku baru bangun tidur laa, penat exam tadi.. Shida kata laptop Niza hilang" kata ku kepada semua

"Wehhh mana laptop aku?" -Niza cakap dalam gelisah. jalan kiri dan kanan

"Cuba kau ingat betul-betul" -Zati

"Aku pergi bilik Amal tadi tapi tak kunci pintu aku, tapi aku pergi sekejap je. Yunis, kau ingat tak masa maghrib aku solat kat bilik kau, ingat tak? Masa tu takde apa. Tapi tadi aku masuk bilik laptop aku dah takde" - Niza dengan muka nak nangis + pucat.

"Yang peliknya charger laptop kau pencuri tu tak ambik pulak, beg laptop n laptop je dia ambik" - MJ

"Aku nak keluar bilik even pergi tandas pun bawak kunci bilik, ni pengajaran tuk kita semua." -Zati

"Sekarang ni aku tak tahu nak rasa apa, macam mimpi je laptop aku hilang. jap jap bagi aku masa feel" - Niza

Aku dah rasa syak sesuatu dah..
"Apesal laptop Niza je yang dia ambik, Ni haaa laptop MJ terbongkang taknak pulak dia ambik!" -kata ku

MJ terus peluk laptop dia...

"Nak tak kita tanya budak-budak aras ni?"- kata ku lagi..

"Ermmm boleh jugak" - Zati

Dalam hati aku, apesal diorang ni tak bertindak lagi ni.. macam layu je.. padahal laptop hilang tu! Assigments semua dalam laptop. nyawa tu...



Perghhhh!! Aku and MJ dah terjerit-jerit.. Aku terus sembamkan muka ke bantal. MJ dah terpekik pekik.. hahahahha.. lama jugak laaa suasana terpekik disusuli dengan gelak ketawa kami semua... Kurang ajar diorang kenakan aku!!

"Ehhh birthday aku lambat lagi laaa" kata ku

"Ingat memang nak buat minggu depan, tapi kalau tunggu minggu depan, lambat sangat pulak sebab birthday MJ dah lepasss" - Shida

hehehe. I lupa kita ada satu lagi birthday girll..

Aras ku jadi tersangat bising malam tadi.. Kami pun makan Kek Oreo dan KFC resipi ayam baru tu.. hehe
Rupanya KFC Felo Kak Izan yang sponsor. Wahhh siap Felo Kolej hadir birthday aku terharu.. hukhukhuk. Ni kali kedua kami semua satu aras makan tengah-tengah malam sambut birthday party. Siap ada budak first year datang wish birthday lagi uolls.. perghh perghhh...

Terima kasih semua, Sayang koranggg!!

Maaf gambar kami semua tak dapat diupload. Privacy la kata kan... hehe

Akibat: Aku tak dapat tidur sekarang dah pukul 3;39. Esok ada kelas pukul 9 pagi.. Semuanyaa birthday punya pasal la ni. hahahaa

Monday, November 11, 2013

Are Our Students Marketable?

Today's world there is too many educational institutions that provide education to us but job opportunity out there is shrinking! During the 80's government and private sector can provide a plenty of jobs to fresh graduates even students can choose which jobs that they want. But now, students have no choice and in many cases they got jobs which are not related to their field of study.

I feel sorry to PTPTN borrowers because they have to make a long-term loan in order to get a piece of knowledge without being guarantee they will get job after graduation. I heard one sad story of one PTPTN borrower. He had to sell burgers at the roadside in order to pay his PTPTN's principal together with interest.

In Malaysia, we have 100,000 unemployed graduates!! The government has increased the retirement age for public workers from 58 y/o to 60 y/o!! You just imagine that!

Cost of living is always becoming higher and higher. Salary range for fresh degree graduates is around RM 2,600 - RM 3,000. If you're working in rural areas might be okay but if you're working in KL areas?

20 years back, many employers from government and private sectors were demanding for employees because during that time economy in Malaysia is developing rapidly so employers need more workers. But now, many workers are demanding for jobs but there is only a small vacancy for them! Therefore, employers will filter as much as they can in order for them to get just the right and outstanding employee to work with them. Competition among graduates will be getting stronger. Not just from locals but from overseas graduates. and PLEASE remember, exam result is not everything. 

Thinking about this makes me become afraid.

That is why government has created one alternative for Malaysian citizens to overcome this big problem. It is called SOCIAL BUSINESS FUND. This is where possible entrepreneurs will be financed with this fund in order for them to open a new social business.

In this current market place, there is no more place for us to be hired (in certain places). We have to change our mindset WE SHOULD HIRING PEOPLE. We should be job creator in order to expand employment opportunity and develop ourselves and country and enhance our standard of living. Don't ya think so?

Fokus belaajr ni huhuu. poyo poyo poyo macam poyo jerkkk!

That's all I want to say. Thank you for reading. Bye :)
(eh habis dah?? tak perasaan tetibe jer dah masuk part ending) 

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Mr. Arrogant Vs Dr. House

I have been busy with college stuffs and have no more time to enjoy as my final examination is just around the corner. I try so hard to not watch TV. yes I did!

But I watch tonton.com.my haha! Because of this, my work did not went so well. I have recently just finished all the 26 episodes of LYMA at tonton. Semalam baru habis (a lil bit late). The worst thing is I keep thinking and imagining LYMA in my head. aiyaaaaaa! It does not want to go away from me laaaaaa...

I started watching Akasia at TV3 since Cinta Jannah. Actually I am not really into Malay drama but since I have read its novel that is a reason of why I watch it. Now I have a problem of getting rid of it so that I can do my work smoothly. 

Macam mana nak buat kerja if asyik teringat nak dapat suami macam Mr. Arrogant je kan??!!! Guys, do you think I am annoying? hahaa don't care. 

Current Mood: try to finish all the 8 seasons of House TV Show. I love Dr. Gregory House. hehe 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Job Interview Experience

Today coursemates and I went for a job interview evaluation. It was not a real job interview, lecturer from the other set was our interviewer. We have been tortured for about 8 weeks by our beloved Madam Chia. The purpose she was doing that because she wanted us to realize about nowadays competitive market. Many graduates still failed to look for a job even though they have graduated a long time ago. I think she should be teaching like this way to the future students because we were so afraid of her. In fact, we didn't have an enough courage to ask her to postpone English class which was in Raya Haji's week to the following week. Yet still I wasn't attended her class even the class was on haha. Ohh yeahh she was so angry on the next class. hahaha

I'm grateful because the interviewer was quite kind (for me). Start from the moment I entered the interview's room, she gave a smile at me and asked me to have a seat. The first question was "Tell me about yourself". I have prepared this kind of question before and she was impressed with my answer. 

The next question was "Why did you choose International Business as your major?" So, I told her about my passion about corporate world, I love to be working with business people, love meeting a new people, bla bla bla just to show her how much I am in love with business. 

Next, "How do you think about current working systems in Malaysia? Is it competitive with the international market?" Actually there was a long question but I forgot it. That kind of question was quite hard for me. Luckily, yesterday when I was about to sign in my email, on the left side on the website page there was a Dr. Mahathir's complaint about Malaysia. It was about corruption. So, I answered the interviewer that Malaysia's working system should have no corruption.. and I explained about corruption that still have in Malaysia's working systems..  but my voice was a lil bit shaky. *sigh

The tricky question was "If you say so, what should we do to eliminate corruption" Oh goshhhh, I was in silence for a quite long time. Then I remembered Dr Mahathir said corruption only can be eliminated if citizens put the nation's interest first before their own interest. It is actually come from our inner self. Ohh yeahhhh!! The interviewer seemed she was satisfied with my answer. 

The last question was "Why should we hire you? How you can contribute to this company" My answers were I have met all requirements that you need for this position, I have a good management skills, leadership skills, I also have completed my intership at you company so I already knew about the company's culture, the working systems of your company and I don't think there might be a problem for me to adapt with the working environment of the company in the future if you hire me. 

P/S Forget to mention, I'm applying for Administration Executive position at UEM Sunrise Berhad. UEM Sunrise  Berhad is a subsidiary of UEM Berhad. It is a construction and engineering company. 

I just hope that I could gain a good marks for this job interview evaluation. One burden has released. Yeah! Alhamdulillah. 

with le beloved friends!
Me, Enie, Teha <3

Monday, October 28, 2013

Please Do Not Look Down at Us

I don't understand why there is still have some lecturers/teachers with such immoral attitudes. They are working at local university but at the meantime they insult education system of Malaysia. Why do not they send a complaint letter about education system in Malaysia to the Ministry of Education instead of keep complaining non-stop to their students. 

The worst thing that I can't accept is they(some lecturers) keep comparing local students and oversea students. Oversea graduates are more responsible, independent, intelligent etc. Yes I agree if you make a little comparison between us in order to motivate us, make us (local) realize how lower our level are but if you keep comparing and comparing and comparing in every class we entered, everyone will be annoyed.  

In fact, I have many friends who are still pursuing their studies oversea but they did not act like you(lecturers who keep comparing). They are just nice and sweet like sugar and treat us like we are at the similar level. One of them is from Cambridge University. 

I am aware there is still many of us (local students especially in my uni) that think they are in the comfort zone and didn't think much whether they are marketable or not marketable at the real workplace. Sometimes, they are too busy with uni's activities until they are forgetting their main purpose of being as a student. But I just can help them by giving advice and the rest is up to them. 

But I really hope that lecturers understand our feelings to be local graduates. Not all of us are the same, some of us did not get an opportunity to study abroad even we have tried will all our efforts. The most important one is not all oversea graduates are better than local graduates. If you're not satisfied with our education system, just write a letter and send it directly to the authorities. Do not bash us because we are in Malaysia's education system! 

Thank you.  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Macam Cantik Je, Macam Cantik Je...

I'm laughing my fucking ass out when I watch the video "Macam Cantik Je, Macam Cantik Je". Well I am not really kind enough for not laughing at thing that is too hilarious! Forgive me. I try to not laugh yet it still happened. Hehehe. 

Thanks to that girl, Shasha because she already made my day. My day is quite boring recently and I need a lil bit fun. Thanks to Shasha again! :) 

I think the video of Shasha is much more entertaining than Alang Beez's video. His video is totally annoying but shasha's is only 50% annoying and 50% funny. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gaining Weight

Assalamualaikum and Hello people!

How was your day? Is it great like me? Yeahh my life has been so "great" lately till I have gained so much weight. I really have gained weight so much!! I can't imagine if the number on weigher turns to that number! SCARY

For you (boys/men) would be irritated kan? hahaha. Girls always talking and concerning about weight. Of course la for men jugak. If we do not have the perfect body curve you will make complaints. Our situation is similar with those guys who want sic packs. They have to work hard in gym, put more dicipline in eating.

But, I FAILED to reduce my lemak-lemak. ALWAYS A FAILER. ciss. The "best" thing is when I went for Raya  to enjoy some fun and foods but then my auntie/uncle/cousin sayyyyyy 'Gemoookkknyerrrrr kauuuu' Shit man I lost my appetite to have my foods and me turn to dark mood thinking of how to lose weight I should start jogging padahal today is Hari Raya.

So, I started again a new mission to lose some weight.

1) I brought a weigher that I bought in Watson to my college. (my mom could scold me because of that reallyyyyy!!)
2) I was jogging about 20 minutes today
3) I didn't take my breakfast. Only Brunch and Dinner at the early time only at a minimum quantity. ( I knoww I knowww this is not a healthy diet! I wish in this college we have some fresh fruits not only cafes that only serve ayam ayam ayam!!)
4) *still thinking*

I wish I have a partner who can always control the cronology of my diet ( chronolgy???) 
Yeahh I have one Pakcik (I called him in that way instead of Hazimin) He always remind me I have to control my diet even he put my name as "Cik Kembang" as his contact number's name!!!!!! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Part I

In life, there is many problems that we have to overcome. Sometimes, I considered myself as the most vulnerable person on earth. I am not strong enough to face my big problem alone. In the middle of night, when everybody has started to enjoy their sweet dreams, I started to cry thinking of my endless problem. I never shout to get rid of stress. Maybe I should give myself a shout so that I feel relieved :) 

Sometimes, I wanted to be someone else who has got no problem only great-happy life. But soon I realize that there's no perfect life on earth. Everyone has a problem. I didn't realize the all past problems that I have faced strongly. So, for this one big problem, of course I can handle it with big smile kan? hehe

So I must keep telling myself that there is another human being that got the bigger problem than me. From that point, I can be grateful of what He gave me. 

smile and smile and smile =)

Friday, September 27, 2013

This is a short post but it's gonna surprise you

Ehemm ehemm.. 

I am so grateful of what I have now. My life is so precious. I didn't realise time went so fast! I'm gonna celebrate my 20th birthday in this coming November. 

This evening I went to Warta, Kajang. I make a new passport photo with me being covered cos since I'm wearing hijab, I didn't have any covered formal photo and formal photo is required while we are doing our project. So, I must have a new one! 

Warta has only one store that provides photograph service. and the service is so so bad but I didn't have a choice. If  I want a softcopy of mine, I will be charged another RM 2! Lucky I brought along my pendrive so they charged me RM 1. I paid RM 13 for eight passport photos. BUT, my photo isn't so sharp but it is still nice i guess. 

The baddest thing is that they gave me unedited softcopy version of my passport photo. So, I have to edit it myself and it looks like thisss!! 



Goshhh this is hilarious!!! Photo on the left is my current passport photo meanwhile the photo on the right is when I am in Form Five! HAHAHAHA. I never expose this photo (right) to my other friends since my bestfriend which is Nurain Rahman said this photo make me look like TELUR!! Kuajaq!!! But today is a history of my life cos I have courage to show this to the public!! hahahaha.. Oh ya, one more thing, during Form Five I'm not wearing hijab. That's one of factor kot why my photo make me look like TELUR cos I'm not ready or willing to wear hijab. That black tudung sarung pun I grabbed it from mom's wardrobe. Photo of me in red bawal is okay laa cute enough laa hahahaha. Goshhh I grew up so fast!! In a few years time, you're gonna see me in wedding photo on this blog. How ahh my face nanti? takutnyaa!! hahaha

“This life is what you make it. No matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you're going to mess it up. Girls will be your friends - they'll act like it anyway. But just remember, some come, some go. The ones that stay with you through everything - they're your true best friends. Don't let go of them. Also remember, sisters make the best friends in the world. As for lovers, well, they'll come and go too. And baby, I hate to say it, most of them - actually pretty much all of them are going to break your heart, but you can't give up because if you give up, you'll never find your soulmate. You'll never find that half who makes you whole and that goes for everything. Just because you fail once, doesn't mean you're gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don't, then who will, sweetie? So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life's a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.”  - Marilyn Monroe

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Amazing Creature of Allah

In this world, people said there are seven people who share a similar face appearance. Wallahu a'lam. This is amazing! Sometimes, I want to see other people's face like mine. hehe

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kita Bakal Jadi Penghutang Sampai Mati

Hanya ingin berkongsi dan memberikan pendapat aku kepada anda semua. Sebelum itu, thanks to BlogSerius sebab dah buat aku sedar kembali tentang masa depan aku. heh

Dalam negara Malaysia, kita mengamalkan sistem kapitalisme. Kapitalisme merupakan sistem ekonomi dan sosial yang cenderung ke arah pengumpulan kekayaan oleh individu tanpa gangguan kerajaan dan bermatlamatkan keuntungan. Ada juga camput tangan kerajaan Malaysia dalam sesetengah industri tertentu tapi mostly semuanya bergantung kepada developer. 

Kita sebagai generasi sekarang sebenarnya lebih miskin daripada generasi nenek moyang kita yang dulu tak pergi sekolah. Sebab? hidup kita dibebani hutang keliling pinggang. Baik dari segi hutang belajar, hutang rumah, hutang kredit kad dan sebagainya.

Aku sekarang ni yang tengah belajar pun takut nak bekerja. Takut nak jadi dewasa. Takut nak jadi lebih matang. Aku nak jadi budak budak balik boleh? Lepas habis belajar ni, confirm nak kumpul duit nak balas jasa mak bapak. Mesti nak beli rumah dekat dengan tempat kerja. Mesti nak beli kereta sebab itu keperluan, lainlah kalau aku ada rumah nak KL tempat kerja pun nak KL so boleh hari-hari naik public transportation. Tapi realiti sekarang ni? Mampu ke kita nak beli rumah seperti yang diinginkan? kawasan rumah yang strategik, harga berpatutan. mampu? Kalau kau anak orang kaya boleh la ayah kau mampu belikan rumah or bagi je rumah kat kau. 

Rumah sekarang paling minima pun sekita RM 200k itupun belum tentu bersesuaian dengan spesifikasi kita. Fresh graduate sudah semestinya gaji tak berapa nak tinggi. Lainlah bagi pemegang biasiswa syarikat gergasi Malaysia. Contoh, macam aku pun scholar UEM Berhad sebuah syarikat multinasional berteraskan kejuruteraan pun gaji pertama aku kerja nanti RM 3k. Semestinya aku kerja kat bandar, mestilah aku nak beli rumah kat bandar. Tapi harga rumah kat bandar pun macam tak masuk akal. GILA

Bagi aku memiliki rumah sendiri tu penting sangat. Aku pun nanti mesti nak beli kereta sendiri. Tak mahal pun takpe. Beli proton je atau produa. Sebab aku sedar aku nak mampu. Tapi dengan keadaan ekonomi Malaysia sekarang, aku rasa macam susah nak tunaikan permintaan nak beli kereta tu.

Masalah fresh graduate sekarang, bukan hanya fresh graduate tapi pekerja-pekerja separa berpengalaman ni suka ambil kredit kad. Aku dulu pernah kerja part time kat syarikat ayah kawan baik aku. Syarikat ayah dia ada buat kontrak dengan Bank Rakyat untuk dapatkan customer baru. Kerja aku ni memerlukan aku untuk pergi office ke office dan persuade mereka untuk buat kredit kad. Setiap bulan, kitaorang akan kira tau setiap bulan berapa permohonan customer untuk buat kredit kad diluluskan. Masa tu, bank offer limit kredit kad sehingga 3 kali ganda gaji anda, dengan caj 1% sahaja. Kalau gaji anda RM 3k anda boleh berbelanja sampai Rm 9k hanya dengan interest 1%. Tapi kalau tak bayar, interest akan berbukit-bukit. REALITINYA, ayah kawan aku yang buat bisnes kredit kad tu TAK PAKAI KREDIT KAD even gaji dia mahal. Penyakit anak-anak muda sekarang ni nak nampak kaya, barang semua nak ada brand, nak kereta sport tapi bila kita perhati dalam-dalam, mereka tak gembira pun sebab hutang keliling pinggang.

For developers of this country, please consider human rights also. Aku tak setuju lah buat projek rumah besar-besar tapi target customer foreign billionaires. Kebanyakan billionaires dari Singapura banyak beli banglo kat Malaysia especially Johor.

Aku suka kata-kata seorang manusia ni " You know, I thought I can work myself up to the ladder of the elite, and change everything, only to understand that, by the time I reach the top, if it even possible, that time I am no longer a human." 


kalau takde PENYELESAIAN oleh orang kuat negara kita, aku akan start buat strategi untuk memikat lelaki-lelaki kaya untuk berkahwin dengan salah seorang mereka. Takyah kerja jaga anak kat rumah besar aku nanti. habis cerita. Kalau lelaki pikat lah wanita kaya k! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Long time no update and I expect no one will read this

First of all

tajuk tak boleh blahh kan hahahaha

I've just finished my first year as business student. Alhamdulillah. There's a lot of good and bad memories that had taught me to become a better person. To change from nothing to something, I need such a huge strength. 

Before, I used to hold other gender friend, I think it is just normal. I think it shows how strong our relationship is, but now I prefer to limit my promiscuity. But don't expect me to change from hair to toe, I need some more time. 

You wanna know who is she who has changed me? She had touched my heart to change and now, I found my life is going to be more peaceful and I enjoy it! =)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Tryna be grateful

If you're currently reading this blog, you will be listening to instumental song Sound of Angel. This instrumental makes me calm. Whenever I feel stress, I will listen to this. As usual, now I'm listening to it. 

I used to think 'can i be like her? she's so pretty inside and outside. she's on her own way'. From that point i know i am not being grateful of what Allah has given to me. Thinking too much of being other person ( that we love to be most) can bring us insane. Sometimes it brings us down. Not good for our health. But, as modern girls living in technology era, we have instagram, twitter, facebook and whatsoever that allow us to upload those kind of things that make us always wanna be beautiful. By seeing others be beautiful, we also wanna follow their steps ( the way of dressing, make up, talking, walking ). You know THIS IS INSANE. 

I'm one of the victims of this insanity. I'm not grateful of what i have. I wanted more and more. But when we go back to our path (Allah's way), we will feel like we already have what we want. Healthy, Foods, Shelter, Family. Eventhough my family isn't completed, i am grateful because i know Allah has something for me in future. I'm very sure about it! Maybe one day i will get one happy-completed-big family untill i die. hahaha. who knows? 

Frankly, allowances that I get every 3 months isn't enough. RM 1 500 in three months. seriously! I often overspending my money. Before I get a scholarship, i have intention to give a little amount of my allowances to my mom. My mom asked it! hahaha. But i know she never use my money. she kept it for my future. but but but since I didn't manage to control my own money flow, i often ask money from mom pulak! terbalik dah! hurm.. So i'm thinking of doing small business to get side income. like other college girls do such as modelling. But of course am not!! hahaha. I mean other than modelling la. small business maybe? but what business? *thinking*

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mentaliti Kita Orang Melayu

"Kasihani lah saya, wahai manusia" 

Kadang-kadang aku tak faham macam mana sesetengah masyarakat Melayu berfikir. Bukanlah aku nak berkata yang mentaliti aku ni kelas pertama, ada juga kurangnya dalam berfikir tapi aku pelik dengan sesetengah Melayu berfikir. 

Mengapa sesetengah orang Melayu pandang hina sangat pada anjing?

Anjing pun sama macam kucing sifatnya. inginkan belaian, bermain-main dengan si tuan cuma anjing adalah najis berat dalam Islam. Kenapa kita boleh sayang pada kucing tapi bukan pada anjing? Masyarakat Melayu sangat jijik bila ada anjing kat sebelah. KOTOR KOTOR!! Kalau dah tersentuh bila basah tu, samak je la! apa susah. 

Kadang-kadang aku fikir aku nak bawak makanan kucing dalam handbag aku bila keluar jalan-jalan. Kalau jumpa kucing berkeliaran yang kelaparan, aku boleh ambik makanan terus dari bag aku then terus bagi makan. Kalau aku jumpa anjing jalanan yang terjelir lidahnya sebab bulan puasa, tak ada air sebab hujan tak turun-turun, aku rasa macam nak tolong anjing tu tapi aku takut. Sebab aku belum pernah lagi pegang anjing. Aku takut nak dekat dengan dia, aku teringin nak bagi makanan/minumam kat dia cuma aku TAKUT nak dekat dengan anjing. End up nya, aku berlalu pergi tinggalkan anjing yang kelaparan. Aku tak sanggup nak lihat anjing tu terseksa tapi aku tak berani nak dekat dengan dia. Kejam kah aku? Aku pun tak sedar air mata aku jatuh sekarang ni. 

Bukan salah anjing tu dianggap sebagai najis berat. Allah tak haramkan kita menolong anjing. Janganlah kita seksa anjing ( yang dianggap jijik ). Janganlah kita baling batu pada dia, cantas ekor anjing tu. Anjing tu ada PERASAAN. Dia rasa sakit!! Dia cuma tak dapat berfikir/beritahu sakit dia pada kita. Sama juga pada kucing, arnab dan haiwan2 lain. 

Anjing merupakan haiwan yang sangat bijak. Dia setia dengan tuannya. Sesetengah anjing sanggup tunggu di kubur pemiliknya berhari-hari malah sampai bertahun-tahun sampai mati sebab dia sayang sangat dengan tuannya. Cuma sesetengah anjing yang bernasib malang sebab tidak bertuan. Aku tak suruh kita bela anjing, tapi berhentilah beranggapan haiwan tu jijik, haram dan sebagainya. Tolonglah haiwan tu kalau ia dalam kesusahan. Mungkin kita boleh minta bantuan non muslim bagi makanan pada anjing kalau kita nampak anjing kelaparan di tepi-tepi jalan. Kita boleh samak balik, solat pun sah. Tapi janganlah kita siksa binatang tu. Sebab binatang tu tak mampu berkata apa-apa. 

“ Para sahabat bertanya kepada Nabi SAW, ‘apakah kita boleh memperoleh pahala daripada Tuhan dengan berbuat baik kepada binatang.’ Beliau menjawab: Ya, engkau akan diberi pahala kerana berbuat baik kepada setiap makhluk hidup.”

"Suatu ketika terlihat seorang perempuan muda berjalan terseok-seok seolah menahan rasa letih. Sudah terlalu jauh ia menyusuri sepanjang jalan, untuk mencari sesuap nasi. Menawarkan diri kepada siapa saja yang mau, meski dengan harga yang murah. Perempuan muda itu terlihat terlalu tua dibandingkan dengan usia sebenarnya. Wajahnya kuyu diguyur penderitaan panjang. Ia tidak mempunyai keluarga, kerabat ataupun sanak saudara lainnya. Orang-orang sekelilingnya menjauhinya. Bila bertemu dengan perempuan tersebut, mereka melengos menjauhinya karena jijik melihatnya.

Namun perempuan itu tidak peduli, karena pengalaman dan penderitaan mengajarinya untuk bisa tabah. Segala ejekan dan caci maki manusia diabaikannya. Ia berjalan dan berjalan, seolah tak ada pemberhentiannya. Ia tak pernah yakin, perjalanannya akan berakhir. Tapi ia terus berusaha melenggak-lenggok menawarkan diri. Namun sepanjang jalan itu sunyi saja, sementara panas masih terus membakar dirinya. Entah sudah berapa jauh ia
berjalan, namun tak seorangpun juga yang mendekatinya.

Lapar dan haus terus menyerangnya. Dadanya terasa sesak dengan nafas yang terengah-engah kelelahan yang amat sangat. Betapa lapar dan hausnya ia…

Akhirnya sampailah ia di sebuah desa yang sunyi. Desa itu sedemikian gersangnya hingga sehelai rumputpun tak tumbuh lagi. Perempuan lacur itu memandang ke arah kejauhan. Matanya nanar melihat kepulan debu yang bertebaran di udara. Kepalanya mulai terasa terayun-ayun dibalut kesuraman
wajahnya yang kuyu.

Dalam pandangan dan rasa hausnya yang sangat itu, ia melihat sebuah sumur di batas desa yang sepi. Sumur itu ditumbuhi rerumputan dan ilalang kering dan rusak di sana-sini. Pelacur itu berhenti di pinggirnya sambil menyandarkan tubuhnya yang sangat letih. Rasa hauslah yang membawanya ke tepi sumur tua itu.

Sesaat ia menjengukkan kepalanya ke dalam sumur tua itu. Tak tampak apa-apa, hanya sekilas bayangan air memantul dari permukaannya. Mukanya tampak menyemburat senang, namun bagaimana harus mengambil air sepercik dari dalam sumur yang curam ? Perempuan itu kembali terduduk.

Tiba-tiba ia melepaskan stagennya yang mengikat perutnya, lalu dibuka sebelah sepatunya. Sepatu itu diikatnya dengan stagen, lalu dijulurkannya ke dalam sumur. Ia mencoba mengais air yang hanya tersisa sedikit itu dengan sepatu kumalnya. Betapa hausnya ia, betapa dahaganya ia.

Air yang tersisa sedikit dalam sumur itu pun tercabik, lalu ia menarik stagen itu perlahan-lahan agar tidak tumpah. Namun tiba-tiba ia merasakan kain bajunya ditarik-tarik dari belakang. Ketika ia menoleh, dilihatnya seekor anjing dengan lidahnya terjulur ingin meloncat masuk ke dalam sumur itu. Sang pelacur pun tertegun melihat anjing yang sangat kehausan itu, sementara tenggorokannya sendiri serasa terbakar karena dahaga yang sangat.

Sepercik air kotor sudah ada dalam sepatunya. Kemudian ketika ia akan mereguknya, anjing itu mengibas-ngibaskan ekornya sambil merintih. Pelacur
itupun mengurungkan niatnya untuk mereguk air itu. Dielusnya kepala hewan itu dengan penuh kasih. Si anjing memandangi air yang berada dalam sepatu.
Lalu perempuan itu meregukkan air yang hanya sedikit itu ke dalam mulut sang anjing. Air pun habis masuk ke dalam mulut sang anjing, dan perempuan itu
pun seketika terkulai roboh sambil tangannya masih memegang sepatu…

Melihat perempuan itu tergeletak tak bernafas lagi, sang anjing menjilat-jilat wajahnya, seolah menyesal telah mereguk air yang semula akan direguk perempuan itu. Pelacur itu benar-benar telah meninggal.

Para malaikat pun turun ke bumi menyaksikan jasad sang pelacur. Malaikat Raqib dan Atid sibuk mencatat-catat, sementara malaikat Malik dan Ridwan saling berebut.

Malik – si penjaga neraka – sangat ingin membawa perempuan lacur itu ke neraka, sementara Ridwan – si penjara surga – mencoba mempertahankannya. Ia
ingin membawa pelacur itu ke surga. Akhirnya persoalan itu mereka hadapkan kepada Allah.

“Ya Allah, sudah semestinya pelacur itu mendapatkan siksaan di neraka, karena sepanjang hidupnya menentang larangan-Mu, ” kata Malik.

” Tidak !” bantah Ridwan. Kemudian Ridwan berkata kepada Allah, ” Ya Allah, bukankah hamba-Mu si pelacur itu termasuk seorang wanita yang Ikhlas melepaskan nyawanya daripada melepaskan nyawa anjing yang kehausan, sementara ia sendiri melepaskan kehausan yang amat sangat ? “

Mendengar perkataan Ridwan, Allah lalu berfirman, ” Kau benar, wahai Ridwan, wanita itu telah menebus dosa-dosanya dengan mengorbankan nyawanya
demi makhluk-Ku yang lain. Bawalah ia ke surga, Aku meridhoinya.. “

Seketika malaikat Malik kaget dan terpana mendengar Firman Allah itu, sementara malaikat Ridwan merasa gembira. Ia pun membawa hamba Allah itu
memasuki surga.

Lalu bergemalah suara takbir, para malaikat berbaris memberi hormat kepada wanita, sang hamba Allah, yang Ikhlas itu.

(dikutip dari Kumpulan Kisah Zaman Nabi dan Para Sahabat : ” Jalan Pintas ke Surga “, penerbit Mizan)" 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Datanglah Iman, Pergilah Nafsu

Wahai iman,
pimpinlah daku untuk meneruskan hijab ini
dengan istiqamah dan ikhlas dari sanubari hatiku
jauhikanlah daku dari bisikan-bisikan yang menjauhkan aku
dari syurga Ilahi
buangkanlah bahagian di dalam hatiku yang ingin sentiasa menjadi tarikan
buatlah hati ini teguh, kuat, dan percaya
dengan janji Ilahi

Wahai nafsu,
berambus dikau
berambuslah dikau dari membisikkan daku sesuatu menuju kejahilan
janganlah kau menarik ku kembali ke kancah lama
buanglah segala keinginan yang tidak pasti
pergilah dikau jauh-jauh dari diriku. 

Jadikanlah bulan Ramadhan yang suci ini sebagai titik permulaan bagiku untuk menjadi Muslimah yang berjaya, bukan hanya seorang Muslim.