Sunday, November 25, 2012


Now I want to announce that...
My college is the college of the year in UKM!
Proud to be a secretary of college sports club

I do not know on what purpose I am writing this now
Many things to be shared to you, readers.
Many things that I have to ask for your opinions
based on my story of life
I should update this blog more frequently
but I had lost my desire in writing as well as faithful readers
I do not know why
My schedule is not pack as medicine student pun
but.. haihhh 
very sad. very sad only (read this with a Pandora accent) 

Ohhhhh btw
Happy Birthday to me! 
I turn 19 on 20Nov2012
 I am already a big girl with mature thinking
Thanks to all beloved friends who conduct a surprise birthday party for me
They know I am not well on that day


 I wish for my upcoming birtthday party
It will be held by the seaside
as I love nature very much

and maybe with someone special
I mean a lil special than the beloved friends
ahhhhh you know that, guyss! 


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