Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Studying Abroad

It is gonna be awesome if I can pursue study abroad. Maybe if ada rezeki Insya-Allah I want to continue Masters at oversea university. Why and how come all of a sudden I'm writing about this? Actually I was inpired by my Prof. She just got back from England and she will be teaching me till my last chapter of micro. She is very talkactive in the class, kind and willing to help her student no matter what. I love her way in teaching us and wish to choose her class again for the next semester. Hehe!

She love sharing her point of views and experiences while she is studying in US to finish her PhD. I just want to be like her or those who are lucky like her. The environment of studying abroad is totally different compared studying in our lovely country. Yes I am still proud to be a UKM student! But, at oversea university, the way of approaching, learning, managing activities and adapting with weather is what I want to experience. At least one day I can tell my grandchild "Eh dulu nenek pernah belajar kat..... hebat tak? lol "

and of course la the educational cost is very high! But we have our kind government and private sectors who will be willing to sponsor lucky students to achieve their dreams. Di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan. No more excuse like family you tak mampu nak tanggung yuran pengajian di sana cos once you got brilliant resources in your wise brain, the chance to study abroad will be yours. and since I am UEM scholar, I have to get a first-class degree so that I can apply for oversea sponsor for pursuing Masters. Insya-Allah.

that is my aim! 

After class, terus aku pergi library doing a revision for Maths. Inspirasi dari Prof melekat lagi tu yang rajin g library. haha! Tomorrow I got mid-sem exam for Maths and it is vital to have a good result cos the total marks is 40% of final exam marks. phewwwww. I hope I can do well in this exam. Here, I am no more an excellent student like I used to be at school, I am just a normal student like others who is struggling to maintain a good result like before.  Dengar cerita kat U, nak dapat pointer 3.0 pun susah. okayy scaryyy -,-"

 I learn Maths in Malay here and many students include me are having problems to adapt it since we used to study Maths in English before..

It may takes year of infinity for me to finish read all the books. hehe 

Pray for my exam  :') 

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