Monday, October 29, 2012

For SPM Candidates

It has been 2 years since I leave my school, my librian uniform and everything about school. How I miss those moments so much! It still fresh and stick in my mind. When I was in Form 5, I used to think "bila la nak keluar sekolah, malu pakai uniform. Nak jadi student universiti, orang pandang tinggi sikit, baju g kelas pun ookkkk" And now when I am here standing as UKM student, I miss my old uniform and my lovely teachers who had taught me with all their efforts. At Uni, your lecturers will never care about you. All things must be handle by yourself. You have to arrange your timetable wisely, if you want to held a local/oversea trip with your collegemates, you have to learn how to make a proposal to get belanjawan from pihak U by yourself. Everything is on you. How hard it is but still enjoy campus life. hehe

Actually SPM is not hard and tough as you thought. When I was in your age, I think all of the subjects are hard too and I become stress. But, actually SPM questions are just those basic questions that will be asked in matriculation and university examination! I got B+ for History and am sad till now. That B+ is cacat-ing my slip result tau. ciss! And Mathematics subject in Matriculation is actually Additional Mathematics you learn in school. And for those who like Add Math in school, it gonna be fun for you! It's interesting yo cos it will make you sick! haha.

You journey as a school student will be at the finish point as you step out from your school's gate on the last day and next year you will become a college/uni student. So appreciate it! Appreciate those 5 years you have been throughout in school. Please do well in your exam to make your parents proud. And JPA will offer a full scholarship directly to you if and if you get straight A's in your exam. Unluckily, I am not A's student hehehe. 

 A trip to Planetrium. Can you spot me? hehe

I advise to my adek-adek who will be taking SPM exam, ALL THE BEST! Don't talk too much before taking an exam paper. berdo'a instead =)

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