Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stupid Action!!

Last night around 2 am, my eyes were still fresh and I couldn't  sleep. Arghhh I don't know what to do and yesss I'm getting bored and even more bored after everybody in the house are going to have their sweetdreams. I texted Xie-Mien asked him to accompany me unfortunately he went fishing with some of frenss. Okayy you dah boleh kawen dengan ikan-ikan tu! Grrrr.

I am bored to the max until when I lie down, I'm thinking of sweet memories with  Mr. A. Ahaaaaa! The most embarrasing part is when I texted him " Hi k :) " (k stands for kepeng aha!). Oh my Godness!! Why? What happened to me? I realized that I'm not supposed to give him a message! Right after, I texted Xie Mien back   "Pacekkkkkk! pasal kau la. Maluu maluuuuuuuu! "

A few minutes later, dingggggg! Omg! one message from Mr A. " Hyeee" Haaa? Just one word. Ohhh I'm sure he must be busy right now with his EURO stuffs and me just messing around him. So stupid girl! Okayy time to redeem back my stupid action I replied " Sorry2 ganggu. Tertekan ni haa td. Hishh! "

Mission accomplished! I hope I can cover myself. Hahaa. But then, dinggggggg! from Mr A " Hahhaaaa. Its okay la. Jangan tidur lambat.. Jaga kesihatan tu.. " He laughed at me?! Kantoii la ni.. Hishhhhhh.. Xie Mien must pay all this! I don't care!

An hour later, Xie Mien called me when I already enjoyed with sleep. With deep reluctance, I told him everything of my stupid actions  and he also laughed at me! *Cried! Xie Mien ni memang tau 

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