Saturday, May 26, 2012

This little girl

Her currently age is 18 years 6 months 6 days
She loves to socialize before but that passion is decreasing day by day as her age growing up.
She is not easy to love someone but once she get into love, it is very hard to forget that loved ones
She can easily cry because of small matter sometimes it is very annoying to others
She loves to learn and do new thing by herself rather than ask others to do for her
She is not satisfy with her weight. she thinks she's fat actually she's just only Bulat ( hahaha )
Right now, she spends almost 1/2 of the day for sleep activity because she want to redeem back everything that she had sacrificed for being matrix student before
She only sleep for one hour during study week at matrix before
Other than sleep activity, she's waiting for scholarship offers and result PSPM 2! ( -____- )

Susah-susah je korang baca sampai habis. terima kasih laa ye! hahahaa :D

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  1. hahahaha. terus update blog eh. hahaha:P
    u tak gemuk la cha.i dont understand girl things -_-


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