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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

An email from Sime Darby

I feel excited and anxious plus I wanna cry so much as I can. Tomorrow I will meet a lot of outstanding students and this might reduce my confidence to compete with them. For sure they will speak English very fluently like a river. *Sigh* I regret all this time I always playing around in my English lecture.

And I confirm tonight my eyes are not going to sleep because my head is thinking too much.

What will happen tomorrow?
How if I can't perform well in Impromptu Presentation and Online Assessment?

For just one day I prepare all the things ( because I read this email at the last minute ). I will continue practicing and make some studies on Sime Darby tonight sampai lebam. Hoho.

I am not give so much hope for this scholarship takut kalau tak dapat, menangis guling-guling atas katil. Now I feel more relax after expressing this that burden my mind through my blog.

Good luck for tomorrow Cha. <3


  1. Good luck for tomorrow cha. Jangan tergugat dengan orang lain, trust yourself and your capabilities.

  2. Thank so much fifie. you're strength me up!

  3. Good luck. i used to be in YSD interview until final stage but did not manage to get it. Do check my blog, i think i had wrote some of my experience during the interview. I'm not sure it still the same format or not. (2nd stage) (Final interview)


  4. Thanks for your recommendation. it helps me pretty much on YSDS.

    I have read your blog and it is so informative



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