Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cha before and after

I feel now I'm totally different than what I used to do before. A few years back, I love taking pictures here and there no matter where I am. That is my hobby of taking pictures even I look like perempuan perasan and macem gewwd gewwdd jewww. hahaaha. But, now obviously I don't know how to set my camera phone at a right place, make sure it is at the right angle so that my pictures will be like WOW! I think I had just lost my old self. Anddddd... I think too my life is getting bored with all the books that I have to expert on it. I hope I can endure this matter. aja-aja fightingg! hehe =)

 eh sape nie? 

the only one good photo I have now. keh keh. formal je. kau hado?


  1. bibir tuu!!
    bibir tuuuu!!

    trademark sunggoh la sis :)

  2. Shhhh!!

    jangan la malu la saye -,-"

  3. cha...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rindu lame x tego... mn menghilang ni..hhaha.. spe yg menghilang ni tah.. ;p


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