Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cha before and after

I feel now I'm totally different than what I used to do before. A few years back, I love taking pictures here and there no matter where I am. That is my hobby of taking pictures even I look like perempuan perasan and macem gewwd gewwdd jewww. hahaaha. But, now obviously I don't know how to set my camera phone at a right place, make sure it is at the right angle so that my pictures will be like WOW! I think I had just lost my old self. Anddddd... I think too my life is getting bored with all the books that I have to expert on it. I hope I can endure this matter. aja-aja fightingg! hehe =)

 eh sape nie? 

the only one good photo I have now. keh keh. formal je. kau hado?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I will grab everything in front of me. Yes!

Have you noticed I was no longer active in blogging? Of course la korang tak perasan. siapa la saya ni. tsk tsk tsk. Actually now I am so busy preparing for final exam which is on next week. Yet, I am still not ready.

I have applied for several scholarships such as Yayasan Khazanah, Yayasan Sime Darby and a few more. The good news here is my name has been shortlisted by Yayasan Khazanah to attend Reasoning Ability Test.  Sebenarnya hal ni dua hari lepas punya cerita BUT I still can feel many butterflies fly in my cute tummy. hohoo. The venue at Mercu UEM located somewhere in Kuala Lumpur. I yang dah 19 tahun duduk KL tak tahu-tahu kat mana tempat tu. Luckily, my adopted brother knew that building. Ni menunjukkan saya ni tak peka dengan alam sekeliling.. Kesian nyeww kau.

The night before the test, my head feel so heavy I can't think what should I prepare for tomorrow test. I found one website that provided many questions related to Reasoning Ability Test. I tried as many questions as I can through the internet. I fall asleep at 3 am I guess. I woke up at 5 in the morning and reached Mercu UEM at 8. I met a lot of students from different states and colleges. They look intelligent and I think I am the least  intelligent among of them. they all spoke English termasuklah Melayu dengan Melayu. Masa tu nervous  gilerrrr tahap max!

We gathered in a large and beautiful hall. I was stunned. Kaya giler Khazanah ni rupernyer.  Each rectangle table comprised  with two candidates. Me with one handsome boy. hahaaa. We have an extra 40 minutes before the test began. He and I talked about a lot of topics. pasai kolej, sekolah, course, perasaan ketika tu dan umur. Cuma satu je tak tanya.. Nama masing-masing and also phone number. OPSS!! just like body without head and paragraph without topic sentence.

Reasoning Ability Test is quite stressful test for me and him because we have to answer a lot of logical questions in a very very short time but with accuracy. Yet it is interesting though! hehe. If I pass the Reasoning Ability Test, I can proceed to a second level that is group assessment if I am not wrong. and then will be interviewed by Senior Manager of Yayasan Khazanah. This April is gonna be my busiest and stressful month because I have to think about final exam and also scholarships! TWO IN ONE yawww!

P/S : I really really really hope you guys can pray for me so that I will be selected to be one of their scholar! I really want this to pursue tertiary education. I do not want to burden my parents with high education cost. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME IF YOU ARE KIND. hehe. you know what I mean kan...