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Monday, January 02, 2012

Girl with a funny talent- Sarah

I wanna show you something that is interesting and this thing pushes me to watch it again and again. I keep on smiling even I watch it almost 100x !!!! 

Honestly, I am so jealous of her talent. and also she has good look  too. Orang Melayu kata manis je.. I love all parts of her face. Her eyes, nose, cheeks and lips. Heyyy! it doesn't mean I am lesbian! I am straight forward don't belok-belok type okayy. Yeahhhhh I am jealous. tsk tsk tsk :( 

> 7 million views in 3 days yawww! 

Adik Sarah, mahukah adik menukar bulu kening tu dengan kakak Cha? hahaha =P noob!


  1. seb bek sora sy sengau.

    klu x hari mesti view pon fight2 dlm 7 juta gak..hihihi

  2. HAHAHAHA Boleh dia angkat2 kening gituuu. Bukan semorang orang boleh buat gituu. HEHEHHE


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