Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Girl is so complicated.

Kalau bercinta perlu persefahaman
Kalau bercinta perlu berterus-terang
Kalau bercinta perlu __(sila isi tempat kosong)_____ 

I don't care about these statements before. When I was with my ex-boyfriends, I just let they do whatever they want to do. Even when they are catching up with their ex girlprensssssss, I still make it easy for them as well as for me. Maybe they are just going out together as a friend. I keep telling myself  'he's just your boyfriend, not your husband that you should control and keep watching what he is doing ' this is an internal monologue when  I was form 4 ( 16 years old ) lihat lah betapa nakalnyew sayew kecik2 dah ada boyprennn!

But, when I'm growing up to be what I am now, I'm 18 y/o and I don't know la why I'm too too too sensitive compare to my old.  Maybe it is because of genetic? ageing? hormone? Or maybe I'm looking for Mr Right?  Cha, it is still early to think about marriage! 

I am a hot-tempered girl. This is my badness. Hot-tempered + Sensitive = ohh guys please don't propose me haha. When he put his status on Facebook  as single-mingle-tingle, I'm being so mad! But I hide my feeling from him. But it just can stand for 3 to 5 days, then I jadi menggelegak macam air mendidih, pastuh meletop!! ' why you letak single kat Fb tu hah?! I know you nak hide ur gf from the public kan? kau tahu tak aku sayang kau.. blablaablaaaa ' bila fikir balik rasa macam nak gelak pulak! hahahaa. All rough words come out from my mouth like perasan bagus, dia je nak jadi winner exclude bangang,bodoh,lacau semua tak ada laa. I still respect him as the eldest. 

Am I a bad girl??? please readers tell me. am I? I jadi garang bersebab. I jadi sensitive bersebab. But he doesn't try to feel what I feel. Sometimes I behave like a childish, but it is me. why I should change myself to become a person who is not me? Facebook is a very dangerous social networking! It is the place where we found and loss our love. My advice to you to not  looking for your true partners through  Facebook or even the other social network. There are so many obstacles!

I rasa I jadi macam ni  pasal ageing laa, because my mum is very sensitive of what I'm doing. I tak angkat call dia sebab pergi mandi dah lambat nak masuk kelas pukul 8 pagi. Then she says that I have forgotten about her laa, orang lain call I angkat but when it is time she calls me, I sengaja taknak angkat. Mum, all your perceptions about me are totally not true. I always think about you here, maybe the distance makes you think too much about me. Sorry. my badness :( 

Girl becomes complicated when she meets a guy who she thinks he is the RIGHT ONE. 


  1. Dik, skrg adalah masa utk adik mengejar cita2. Dun worry too much about the right guy for you now. you are too young and there is so much for you to explore and experience. Put ur priority right and the rest will follow. Peace :)

  2. Thanks for your advice. I dont know who are you abang or kakak. But I really appreciate it.


  3. Actually cha, we totally have the same attitude. Hot tempered and soo sensitive, i dont really get it either. But maybe your right its ageing maybe? and perasaan u skg ne pun i faham sgt2 sbb i pun cm tu jgk ngn bf i. whatever it is its not really the time you think about the mr.Right or whatsoever. You're still young, just focus about you're study 1st.ok?

  4. I think the best decision is just focus on my study. Thanks fasha :)

  5. kalau bercint perlu ada cinta cha terhadap abang...lala~

    Tak mo baran2 girl^^

  6. Woofer : I mmg garang. so baik jangan dekati I. rawrrrrrrrr! >,<"


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