Friday, May 06, 2011

How Come I Got Nothing? I Had Cried A Lot For This!

Assalamualaikum :(

First of all i want to ask for apologize to all of you because today in this entry I want to share about my personal problem. As i had said before, I would not share any story about my personal to my blog, but right now I cannot stand with my problem anymore. And I think the best choice is I should share my problem  with my lovely blog and reader so that my frustrated can be reduced.

Based on my previous entry, I had shared to all of you about my result. yeah I got an excellent result BUT I  think it is not worh it. WHY ? Because i did not get any offers from matriculation and universities. I got 8A 1B but I got nothing!! Nothing!! Did I not deserve to get any places in universities? Did I not deserve ?! If so, why I should study hard, wake up until morning to get 8A 1B ? Better I just go enjoy and shopping with my social friends than being home reading books to get ready for an examination. I got the best student award in my school but I did not get any offer for university!

I do not know how their system is working. My friend who gets 6A, she can get offers from matriculation and universities. But me? Hey I got 8A!! How come I got nothing?! Tell me ! I had cried a lot until I fall asleep. My body dont have any strength to produce tears anymore. So, what will happen to my future life? I want my mama to be proud of her daughter. but .. Ermm no comment!

So please everybody.. please pray for me so that I can get offer from the best university. I want  it and I know everybody want it but I'm the most person who wants it ! Please pleasee pray for me ! I want my mama and my late father to be proud of me ! *crying*  . So my advice to youth, please study hard to get an excellent result than me. Nowadays competition is strong. Without your best result, you are not deserve to get the best university as you dream.

Do you can help me, my result?

P/S : Please ignore all the grammar mistakes because I wrote this entry with my tear drops through my face. 

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  1. calm down ea cha..
    cha mnx mne je??

  2. Matrik & UPU. I tak dpt dua2. i dont know la system mereka mcm mna, rasanya dah mcm cabutan bertuah pulak.

  3. ouh... try buat rayuan...
    skang nih byk sgt competition... 2 yg ssah cket...
    cha mnx uitm x??

  4. yes I dah buat rayuan for both.
    I minta uitm. my plan is i nak ambil fast track di uitm sbb its a shortway in accounting course. but since this happened, I dah buntu. now I only hope rayuan I boleh dpt.

  5. ouh.. actually fast track xbyk beza pn dgn yg biasa.. sbb beza 1 sem jek...for me better amik yg biasa, sbb accounting is quite a tough course.. its my opinion as an accounting student..huhu..

    insyaallah ley dpat.. rsanya uitm nk amik byk intake for next sem..
    doa byk2 k...

  6. be brave cha...

    msti akn ade offer, kena saba n usahakn ape2 cara utk dptkn offer tu k =)


  7. Thank you for all your support. offer daripada IPTS tuh memang ada. but i taknak menyusahkan my mum.

  8. thanks for the interesting information


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