Thursday, November 04, 2010

Me And Syaqira

Miss my blog damn much. Sorry bcoz I didnt update my blog for this few days.  Actually i dont have an idea what to write about. lack of idea. hahaha. But tonight, I have something that I wanna share with all of you. video of me and my bestie. its an old video actually. about 2 months ago, i think laa. We (Kyra and me) were went out to shopping mall for buy some clothes, jeans, women needed and etc. Then, we got an idea to make a video of us. I know its a "BASI STORY" . Cerita dah berkurun2 lama pulak. but I dont care. Blog saya kan ? so its up to me wht i wanna do with my blog. hehehe. Have fun :)

 Sorry for the lack quality video :(

For me, She is so pretty cute and gorgeous! Plus she also has a good attitude. take care of her study. can flow together with my mind.  Pendekkan cerita, kalau berjumpa ada saja cerita nak borak. Most important thing ; SHE'S SINGLE RIGHT NOW!! Hahahaa.

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