Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pray for my achievement


My examination will be held on that day
Im too scare right now
I dont know whether i could do my best or not 
I dont think I can do the best for my exam 
Im a person who study at the last minute. 


Help me to achieve my goal
I want my mum to be proud of me since i was the only of her daughter
Please hear from deep of my heart
I do all this just  for my mum
She's a very strong single mother
And I also want my father be proud of me
Let him to be happy over there
I also wanna beat all my cousins and stepbrothers

For my dear followers
I hope all of you will enjoy reading my blog
I create my blog just for fun
Keep following me
From  now on
I'll rarely update my blog
I just wanna concentrate to my exam 
Pray for my achievement yaww
Cheers !


  1. all the best cha chumel...
    my bro is going to take spm to..
    byk2 doa k....

    gambate ne!!!


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